Miner problems suddenly after 3 good days

  • Hi. I'm still very new to this. I've been mining with 7.5TB on Windows 10 with miner-v1.170603_AVX2.exe for about 3 days on pool.burstcoin.eu without problems.
    Then yesterday I found I was getting lots of errors like 1007 - deadline really bad, and Sender cant connect 10060, and connect function failed 10060. The Network Quality is 0% which doesnt sound good.
    I left it running a while to see if it cleared, but it didnt. So, I stopped and re-stated the miner but got the same thing. I've just left it overnight and this morning its still the same.
    Interestingly, the netDiff value seems to be half what it used to be, but I'm not sure what that means.
    I've searched the forums for any clues, but I cant find anything. Does anyone know whats going on? I suspect this pool is experiencing problems. Should I stick it out or change to another pool?
    Thanks in advance