Wallets & Pools Block Issues

  • G'day all,
    since several days, I or some hosts like @Valareos etc. recognize / have problems that the wallets (different versions) stuck in the same block, means without a new db file, which isnt over the "bad block", we cant genesis again ( rollback, pop up .. etc. doesnt work for it), so wanna ask you guys, whats the problem, currently by the network / nodes and have anybody found a smarter solution ?

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  • One of my wallets does the same. It didnt matter which version idk

  • @MrWho this usualy happens due the following.

    • Time being out of sync.

    • Wallet runs out of resources

    • pools getting ddosed

    to host a pool you need a pretty good server. its not a problem when the pool first starts out but as it grows the wallet server starts to max out on processor.

    as an example heres my pool wallet. this handles 1200 miners and only just manages to hit the max my processor can give out. my old wallet used to flatline. the reason why it flatlines is because the deadline calculation queues once the cpu max is hit. if the pool doesnt have enough resources the processor will constantly flatline as the time between each block doesnt give it chance to stop a cool off. it gets caught in a loop of requeueing and eventually stops the wallet from communicating as its trying to do to much.
    alt text

    below is the ram.
    alt text

    the wallet vm spec's
    alt text

    below is the screenshot of the system monitor from my pool as my wallet is hosted on a seperate vm.
    alt text

    most vps hosts only offer up to 4 cores. some ive seen that do 6 cores or more usually go for around 100$+ a month for rental. as your looking more towards a dedicated server instead of a vps.

    most users who set up a pool wont even consider future growth. or review the resources their pool is using to assess for upgrades.