Hello all Burstians!

  • Since it seems I failed to introduce myself when I came to burst some time ago. Here I am!

    I have talked to many of you via Lex & Tross pools. My posts on the forums won't be many as I chose my topics to reply to in away to avoid being a trouble maker or instigator.

    My name is Kizeren (a.k.a Shaun). From the midwest Missouri, USA area.

    I got my first taste of cryptocurrency before bitcoin was trade able in the sense of a market of any sorts. As like most, just though it was a fad ... boy was I wrong!

    Since then I started helping the FlutterCoin team in roughly 2014 to develop their coin. I know help maintain Fluttercoin along with its PPA on launchpad along with trying to maintain the PPA for PIVX coin.

    Short and brief... Anything else? Just ask!!

  • Welcome to Burst-Team.us