New to Burst a few questions and guidance needed

  • Hi all! I am new to BurstCoin, and really cryptocoin in general, but I am learning pretty quick. I came across Burst and really like what I see. Mainly because I have tons of disk space sitting here unused (a project I was working on fell through) and don't have anything GPU related except a few AMD R7 350's and a GTX750Ti. So here is what I have:

    VM server dual 8 core e5-2630v3 cpu w/ 10gbe connectivity
    Synology 1817+ 40TB free/usable (10gbe connected)
    2x Synology 1815+ 20TB free/usable each (1gbe connected)

    I have setup 1 VM with the following specs:
    8 cpu cores (2 socket x 4 core each)
    16GB memory
    mapped the synology units to drive letters

    Currently I have my wallet setup and was able to get 1 Burst from a faucet. Used that to set account info and it has been confirmed on the network. Now I have 0 Burst again. I am plotting my drives but that is where the questions start.

    1. With my setup is it best to do one large plot of max size per "drive"? (40TB and 2x 20TB each) Or would it be best to break it down into smaller chunks?
    2. Will I need a positive balance in my wallet before I can start mining? If so any donations would be welcome since no faucets are working for me now. BURST-ER5G-ZV7A-4KQF-2NPUQ
    3. How fast should this plotting be going? I have been running for around 36 hours and it is at 7%. I am using the AIO wallet with xplotter built in.
    4. Would it be better to break this out into separate VMs and assign each one say 10TB? Do I need a separate wallet for each pc/miner?
    5. When I start mining should I stay solo or join a pool? Right now I have this 80TB but I have the capacity to bring online at least triple that soon.
    6. If it takes a while to plot the drives could I start smaller, say 10TB, and then start mining that while plotting more space?

    Anything else I might be missing?

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    I sent you 5 Burst. Find the best pool first for your plot size before you change your reward address. It costs Burst to change each time and you have to wait 4 rounds before the error goes away.

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    1. The miners are multi-threaded, so more smaller chunks are preferable to one large chunk.
    2. You'll need one Burst to select a pool. If you don't have any, then post back and I'll send you a couple.
    3. That appears slow, but how big a plot are you creating ?
    4. No need for multiple VM's.Optimally you want 1 drive per 1 CPU thread.
    5. You can do either. Income over the long term should be about the same. Pool gives a more regular income stream, solo gives slightly more income, but in fits and spurts.
    6. Yes, you can plot a few smaller files, and mine them while plotting more.

    Anything you're missing? Apart from donating that hardware to me .... ? 😉

  • @CryptoNick : Got them. Thanks for that! I will be sure to choose wisely before setting reward address.

    @haitch : So right now I have 3 "drives": the 40TB and 2 20TB ones. I was creating a 40TB plot on the 40TB drive and each 20TB got a 20TB plot. I killed the plot writing because it did not look right on the "overlap" of nonces so I will redo them in the morning (didn't start at 0 on the fist one but rather 240000000). I have sense upped my VM to 12 cores and 48GB ram so I should be able to utilize memory buffer for the plotting better now. It was only using 3.5GB of memory before so now I can use much more. I was just using the standard Xplotter built in to the AIO wallet I'm using but if there is a better plotter then I am game to give it a try. So are you saying I might want to start with a smaller plot, ex: 5TB, and get it done and optimized so I can start mining? Or would I be better off just going for all 80TB and get that going?

    If I wanted to create the plots on one machine and transfer them to another for mining would that be a possibility? The only issue is I would have to create a bunch of 4TB to 5TB plots and move them to this other machine for mining. Can I mine them on the first machine while they copy to the second, once over to the second stop mining on the first and start on the second? I am asking because I am contemplating moving from this windows machine to a linux one later down the road once I get setup and going.

    You say one cpu core per plot or per drive, and for plotting or mining?

    And lastly (for now ;)), what is a good pool to join in on once I get all my plots done? Hopefully they won't take me 20+ days to plot now.

  • @kameleon If you are formatted NTFS you will only get 16TB max for a drive. Good thing you stopped plotting the 20TB or 40TB because you would have just got an error at the end.

    If you use the AIO it will use the drive letter to make the starting Nonce. So D=9000000001 E=10000000001 F=11 or something like that. Might not be the actual number that correspond but you get the idea.

    So if you use the standalone Xplotter you can just name the plots sequentially. Then you can also start it as Admin and get a boost. You might also be able to boost if you start the AIO as admin but I am not sure.

    I usually fill a drive and don't worry about mining. Especially at this Difficulty level. But it is up to you if you want to mine while you plot. It can be done easily. I use 10 Threads and save 2 for Writing to the Plot and when XPlotter is running it will allow the other program a variance to scan the Plot with Blago. I wouldn't know if JMiner works I only use Blago 1.17 is just as fast I think.

    Now as far as RAM goes this will save you double the time. Make sure you use less than Half of your RAM. I use 10GB of 32GB in my machine. If you use more you will halt the Nonces and only Write and then stop writing and only create Nonces instead of doing both which is 2x as fast. On and Off through the process.

    I also use the AIO wallet to get my total Nonces from the drive. This is the number after the starting Nonce number or Stagger. Then you can fill it and know all is proper.

    I also made a 16TB Plot for fun= BURSTIDXXXX_0_63037440_63037440

    63 Million Nonces

    I am at Burst.Ninja but it isn't listed in the AIO for Reward Assignment. Not sure what is the best out there right now. Things have gone haywire with the Diff but I use smaller pools so that when I hit I get bigger payouts. I am not sure if pooling makes any difference over time. It is all averaging. You may hit more blocks at a big pool but you get less pay. You hit less blocks at a small pool but get more pay. It is really also about how many deadlines they accept for the size of your mining rig. If big enough you can go to Burst.Ninja and they only take Deadlines better than 24 Hours. All others don't get submitted. So you don't get a share and small miners get lucky or get nothing.

    Burst.Neon takes almost all DL's so you may try them but I saw they were having issues with DDoS and ramping up more users causes other problems. So check their Chat first and see if everything got ironed out.

  • @CryptoNick I thought the max on NTFS was 16EB but in desktop versions it limited it to 256TB per single file. So it sounds like my 4-5TB plots will come in handy.
    You are right on the numbering in the AIO wallet. I just checked and it was 240000000 on drive X, 250000000 on Y, and 260000000 on Z (goes by number of letter in the alphabet it appears)
    If I start as admin I lose access to the mapped drives. I'll have to check out why that is in the morning.
    I will look into Blago. Is that just a miner or a plotter also?
    So with 48GB ram I probably want to limit it to like 15GB or so?

  • @kameleon You mapped the drives as a different user? Just add privileges possibly.

    Oh I meant 16TB FILESIZE not Drive size. So you would have started making a 40TB file on the 40TB drive and stopped at 16TB and it wouldn't be operable.

  • @CryptoNick said in New to Burst a few questions and guidance needed:

    @kameleon You mapped the drives as a different user? Just add privileges possibly.

    Oh I meant 16TB FILESIZE not Drive size. So you would have started making a 40TB file on the 40TB drive and stopped at 16TB and it wouldn't be operable.

    Yeah I didn't even think about that but I did map it as a different user. I'll add myself (and administrator) and see if that works.

    I was going by the NTFS wiki page: "The NTFS maximum theoretical limit on the size of individual files is 16 EiB (16 × 10246 or 264 bytes) minus 1 kB, which totals to 18,446,744,073,709,550,592 bytes. With Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, the maximum implemented file size is 256 TiB minus 64 KiB or 281,474,976,645,120 bytes.[4]". But yeah the Synology is formatted as ReFS but the windows machine sees the share as NTFS. Not exactly sure what the real file size limit is. Just to be safe, and to provide interchangeability I will make the plots smaller at around 2TB to 5TB in size. I sure would have been upset had I done that 40TB one and it errored out in the end!

  • @kameleon I saw the same Wiki but I use Win7 and had a 20TB and found out the hard way. So yeah you saved a headache and time most likely. But I will let you know that 16TB trounced all other miners at the pools. I had better averages and you can see I started at Ninja (Miner=T3QuilAMocKINGbird) when it went V3 and I think I have the 3rd highest total and I was plotting up to 140TB at the time so I was 110 when I started. I actually think that using more RAM and larger plots gives a boost. But you may miss some fast blocks and shares due to longer scan times through the entire plot. My first 16TB I used 28GB of RAM and stopped and started. But this plot was a monster. I deleted it and never got coin ever again like I had from it. My average went down after I deleted it thinking I could try another setup. Too late since I didn't want to replot again.

  • @CryptoNick Thanks for the input. So it sounds like I need to do 3 plots on the 40TB (2x 16TB and 1x 8TB) and 2 on each of the 20TB (1x 16TB and 1x 4TB) to "maximize my luck". I can throw up to 128GB ram at this thing if I need to but would rather stick around 64GB or less if possible. Since this is a vm I should be able to keep a near 100% uptime. I see on the pool spreadsheet that the "recommended min. capacity" for ninja is 254TB. So would I be better off going for a pool that allows smaller capacity for now? Something like burst-team? I see that @haitch is the owner on a bunch of pools. So @haitch, any input on which pool I would be better off doing? I am about to start my plotting this morning so hopefully I won't be 20+ days before I can start mining.

  • @kameleon should take you about 2 to 4 days for the first 16TB depending on your Nonce avg. I am at Ninja with 140TB and was making good coin until the BotNet hit. But yeah there are a few to try first that will be better as you grow.

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    @kameleon said in New to Burst a few questions and guidance needed:

    If I start as admin I lose access to the mapped drives. I'll have to check out why that is in the morning.

    Enable EnableLinkedConnections as per this article. When you run an app as admin it's in a different security context andthe drives are no longer mapped in that context.

  • @CryptoNick hi can you help me out too? here's my wallet BURST-XTKA-7U94-PJ43-6465G thanks in advance

  • @frankbasco Sure sent 5 Burst your way...

  • @CryptoNick thanks a lot nick!

  • @CryptoNick Winner Get info failed. what is that?

  • @frankbasco said in New to Burst a few questions and guidance needed:

    Winner Get info failed

    From what I've read, the miner was not able to receive the winner accountId of the last block. It's just info and not relevant for mining.