question on passphrase and security?

  • Hey, not sure if this is gonna make sense, as I am not sure myself if I fully understand it. in the burst wallet app, I created a second wallet that I was going to use to hold my coins, I gave it a 30 word passphrase that I wrote on paper and never saved to my pc in anyway. after creating it, i transfered some of my coin's to it and decided not to use it unless I had to. However today, I wanted to log into it and when I opened my wallet and under account manager I went to load my secure wallet and didn't expect it to know my passphrase automatically, it said it was copied to clipboard. Is there anyway to turn off this feature? my concern is if someone hacks or gain's access to my miner's account they can easily then just load up my other account since it automatically puts the passphrase to clipboard. I opened up the wallet folder in explorer and noticed two text files that were the names of my wallets and some encrypted text was inside each, is this where the app saves my passphrase? if i delete these text doc's then will I have to manually type in my passphrase which i want everytime I access my secure account? thanks and sorry if that makes no sense. in light of recent event's im trying to think of way's to secure my accounts.

  • @kevmachine , look in your wallet folder. If in the wallet under "Account Manager" you clicked "Add wallet" that stores an encrypted passphrase in a text file called "Account Name.txt" where "Account Name" is the name you gave the wallet. Delete that file.

  • @rds once deleted I can just type my passphrase in everytime I want to log onto that account? correct? thanks that's what I want, I don't want this secondary account to be accessable only with my passphrase. I don't even want it to appear in my aio

  • @kevmachine , yes, as long as you have the passphrase you don't need that file. Good practice is to make sure you can access the wallet with your preferred method "type in the phrase" before you send any appreciable amount of coins.

  • @rds ahhh dam that's a good tip, also I hear people say not to store all your coin's to a single account. I may only hold 5k coin's per wallet or something. depending on how many I buy/mine

  • @kevmachine , I have 7 wallets. 3 miner wallets never have any appreciable amount in them for long. Those miners feed the other 4 accounts.

  • @rds gotcha, I plan on sitting on my coin's for awhile 1 year or more and just wanna keep em safe as I may forget about them for months on end and not check in. good tips thou I like.