Calculating my second plot

  • Hello all,

    I have a 8 TB HDD and 16GB Ram. My goal is to have one plot as big as possible and a second one for the leftover.

    I gave my first plot the next value: 0(start 1st hdd) 28000000 (appr 7 TB) 28000 (14GB RAM)
    So: wplotgenerator 0 28000000 28000 4

    This will give me a 1TB leftover. How should my second plot look like?
    Is this correct: 28000000 (as the start) and then amount of nounces for the 1 tb, but how much is this?
    So: 28000000 ? 28000 4

  • @VP Why not use xplotter? It can fill your whole drive with one single plot and you do not needto worry about any leftovers.

  • I will try that for my other HDDs. Is it possible for that second plot to use xplotter?
    Thought this was the easiest way

  • admin

    @VP xplotter make it incredibly easy - tell it to fill the disk, and it will create the largest possible, fully optimized plot.

  • It would be better to have 1 plot per drive. Even if they were to be read in parralel by the CPU, your disk has to jump around alot to access the areas both plots are stored on, which will slow it down some.