Renegades (tross pool)

  • New thread for tross private pool! My new pool is Cloudflare and Ddos protected. I also have 2 layer server protection and will be adding a 3rd in the next 24 hours. Why my pool was so intensely attacked I will never know and might be surprised if I ever find out. I would like to get my 500 miners back.

    What does my pool have to offer? Secret mining address (sure someone will talk) Many different types of protection. The last protection will allow me to leave Cloudflare if I choose. Support is unlike any other pool ! All questions will be answered all problems resolved. My pool will still have global chat with its sister ** lexitoshi pool**! But will be hiding in the closet like the poor ugly sister.

    I will continue to do Burst Bash but the raffle I will drop after this month. Should I come up with another giveaway I will try it too.
    Like lexitoshi we try to put the miners first, offer support and make a nice mining environment for the Burst community. To insure everyone has a chance to earn we both use a 30 day target deadline!

    There is only one way to join! [email protected] <<<<apply here!

  • @tross congratulation sir! you deserve a lot of miners! Goodluck!

  • I would love to join once things go back to normal... im gonna give it some time though

  • boooo 30 day deadline bump it up to 365 really help the smaller miners.

  • lol Enough year deadlines sneak through the code lol

    I have not been hit since last Thursday night after closing a avenue of attack. I also made some other changes that will
    stop other attacks. I would like to merge both pool and carry on with burst mining not building a fortress!

    TROSS POOL MERGE OVER TO RENEGADE POOL! Email with miner address [email protected]

    Static IP is no longer a requirement!

  • Today I foiled someone messing with one of my external wallets lol Nothing new with the pool except slowly growing!

  • OK Renegades help me get tross pool to merge!

  • Things are picking up for the Renegades! Monday we should have over 200 miners! [email protected] email with miner address if you want to join the fun!


  • Send an email and become apart of tross private Renegades!

    Which also has cloudflare protected , VPS anti ddos protected and tross has installed other programs for tross protection!

    Come give it a try and find out for yourself! I miss having Burst Bashes so you miners need to come back 🙂

    [email protected]

  • I am trying a different ways to protect the pool! I am always on the look out for way to protect my miners!

    Its sad I have to spend my time fortifying a simple pool instead of working on user interface.

  • Guys only 2 hrs left then my old pool closes! [email protected] get on the new pool!

  • @tross please start a countdown for the last 10 seconds :-p

  • What gonna happen is I lose 142 miners but cant run 2 pools.

  • @tross some of them might be in vaccations or just missed the announcments, they will come! Renegade<<<< Is the place to mine !

  • I would keep it open but wallet server to pool ratio isnt good. The other day had two pools down lol So we will see.

  • Ok time to come to Renegades!! email miner address [email protected]

  • Well despite the attack that is going on we are still wining Blocks! Congrats Renegades dont slow down every day is different maybe the immature attackers would learn how to compete fairly. So you took away the user interface lol Do you think we sent in front of computer all day, watching dl on a screen lol We have a life so as long as miner mines and burst comes in, old tross could play user interface no big deal.

    Renegades a pool for the miner! Configured to payout as the majority wants. Support like no other pool. Defiant like no other pool.
    Join Renegades take your mining back!

    Email [email protected] send miner address

  • Will be updating pool code and new html. Lot of holes filled and a new look!


  • admin

    @tross Like the look - great work!

  • I cant take credit for the html CRK from discord rewrote some code and made the html. I will say I had something like this in mind but he beat me to it. I am changing some code and html to adapt to my pool then hope things look good!