Renegades (tross pool)

  • OK Renegades help me get tross pool to merge!

  • Things are picking up for the Renegades! Monday we should have over 200 miners! email with miner address if you want to join the fun!


  • Send an email and become apart of tross private Renegades!

    Which also has cloudflare protected , VPS anti ddos protected and tross has installed other programs for tross protection!

    Come give it a try and find out for yourself! I miss having Burst Bashes so you miners need to come back :)

  • I am trying a different ways to protect the pool! I am always on the look out for way to protect my miners!

    Its sad I have to spend my time fortifying a simple pool instead of working on user interface.

  • Guys only 2 hrs left then my old pool closes! get on the new pool!

  • @tross please start a countdown for the last 10 seconds :-p

  • What gonna happen is I lose 142 miners but cant run 2 pools.

  • @tross some of them might be in vaccations or just missed the announcments, they will come! Renegade<<<< Is the place to mine !

  • I would keep it open but wallet server to pool ratio isnt good. The other day had two pools down lol So we will see.

  • Ok time to come to Renegades!! email miner address

  • Well despite the attack that is going on we are still wining Blocks! Congrats Renegades dont slow down every day is different maybe the immature attackers would learn how to compete fairly. So you took away the user interface lol Do you think we sent in front of computer all day, watching dl on a screen lol We have a life so as long as miner mines and burst comes in, old tross could play user interface no big deal.

    Renegades a pool for the miner! Configured to payout as the majority wants. Support like no other pool. Defiant like no other pool.
    Join Renegades take your mining back!

    Email send miner address

  • Will be updating pool code and new html. Lot of holes filled and a new look!


  • admin

    @tross Like the look - great work!

  • I cant take credit for the html CRK from discord rewrote some code and made the html. I will say I had something like this in mind but he beat me to it. I am changing some code and html to adapt to my pool then hope things look good!

  • lol it took them a while but they stopped ddosing an idle server. I work hard today to get this to work cause it looks to scares them.

  • 0_1504124670544_update1.PNG

    Still have a lot of work but pool getting there! Soon will have a mining info popup with miner info!

  • 0_1504477395026_ad.PNG

    Couple new changes!

    I been working with CRK testing his addition to the Uray pool code. Pool runs great looks new and loads
    fast. Burst Bash will be done a little different and the more I think about it the more interesting it gets.
    In the morning I make a pool definition cause there is a change to historic shares. Shares are displayed
    as a % as well as total. Calc Rnd are the round of historic shares you have saved (max 360). If you leave the
    pool they will be deleted in 500 turns. So long time miners have an advantage!

  • Burst bash was a concept I started when I created my pool. It was used to attract new miners and reward the current miners. The Original Bash was a one time a month 30000 Burst give away. I would send burst to the pool 3k every 3 hours. Over time it dropped to 20000 to keep in pace with the block reward. Today well have a new pool new code and new Burst Bash. Like everything else in life its more automated.
    New Burst Bash!

    When the Balance (upper Red Box) reaches 22000 then it will begin paying out till it reaches pending payment + about 3k which should give us a Bash of 10000! How this work is simple, 10% of the real Balance will be added to the block win when we win! When it is done the process will start over again and save till it reaches 10k. Win Blocks = More Bashes!

    I will let this run and tweak if need necessary!

  • 19:59:41 Starting to pay the rewards for block 405940 ! Total reward: 2879.00, Total balance: 13713.47. Pending payments: 9506.73

    Wow that almost looks like a block payout from a year ago! So this is what a mini Bash looks like. Next block won will also have more than just 1498 and some tax should your pool pay that out! So next block win will also be high but just a little less!

    More Blocks = More Bashes!

    What are you waiting for?

    Recipient: BURST-TK7P-PVWE-K2AC-45LZD
    URL: port:8080

  • Sorry for short outage! My vps crashed and wont start. I took one of my reserve server and use a pool copy but without old json.

    I have to wait 8 hours before I can call hmm cheap vps but no 24hr support lol

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