Blockchain downloading or not?

  • Since I run the "run.bat" and opened local wallet on Chrome browser the wallet still on the block 370076, and says "Downloading Blockchain". I have 8 mbps broadband connection, that means the blockchain should be downloaded hours ago. I checked the command line and saw "block not accepted" message, I'll attach the picture below.

    So is the blockchain downloading or am I waiting for nothing?


  • @moonjeina that was just a stray block that was not accepted. Look at the file date stamps in burst_db, they should be up-to-the-minute when still downloading + verifying.

  • I checked the timestamp and it shows June 16th -.-

    Also "block not accepted" message on console was not for "that block" it says on "every" blocks.

    Now, should I delete database only and re-download it or delete wallet completely and reinstall it?

  • Ok I deleted db files and run the bat file again. It started good, and then on block #1294 it started to say "block not accepted" again.

    For some reason it starts to decline blocks randomly.