How many deadlines should be expected in ~80tb

  • Hi everyone,

    I am currently mining on 3 miners which are all plotted to the same ID and each hold 80tb (so in total there are 240tb)

    Now I am a little bit unsure whether or not everything is going as it should.

    There is one big miner with ~500tb on the Network, at you can see that this miner is hitting a block at least every day. Sometimes even two in a day.

    Unfortunately I am only hitting a block once a week, sometimes it takes even longer. Which seems unnormal.

    Also each of the miners (Blago) is saying: Chance to find a block 0,085% - so in total there should be a chance of 0,255% right? says there are abour 240 blocks per day.

    Going from there I should get 0,612 Blocks a day (0,00255*240)... Meaning way more than only 1 or fewer a week.

    Is there a way to find out if somthing is wrong with my plots? They are all plottet using xplotter and not overlapped. I sometimes stopped when plotting and then resumed... Could that be the issue? (even though Xplotter should be able to do that).

    One way to find you for sure whether or not everything is plotted correctly I though I would check how many deadlines I am finding (All the deadlines get confirmed btw...). Here are the results:

    Each 80tb Miner is giving me 10-15 deadlines per block. This means all miners combined equal to 30-45 sent and confirmed deadline per block. Now I guess the golded question is: Is that enough or should it be way more?

    Thanks for any Input.

  • @PummelHummel With my 80TB I am averaging a Block a Day, however variance is massive and in the last couple of Weeks I have gone 11 Days without a Block and had 3 Blocks in a Day


  • @RichBC thanks. Would you mind sharing how many deadlines you are finding with those 80tb?

  • @PummelHummel Back before June, when I had only 50TB, I was averaging a block every day and a half. Now I have not found a block in many days and I have 120 TB. I'm still finding a lot of deadlines, but they are not competitive...the times range from days to many hours. My latest was 42 minutes, 60 seconds. I'll never win a block with such times. This same account got much lower deadline times (minutes) when the difficulty times were correspondingly lower. The massive network growth and mega-big difficulties are hurting us all.

  • @PummelHummel I have never looked at how many Deadlines / Block, not sure that it has any relevance as all that matters is your best Deadline?


  • @RichBC Yes, the shortest deadline matters. But my issue was that I wasnt sure of my plotted space has some problems.

    This is why I wanted to compare whether or not the amount of deadlines I get is normal or should be more.

    For example: Lets say, you with your 80tb find 30+ deadline per block, and I only find 15 with my 80tb. This could be an idicator that half of my plots have some kind of prolem..

  • @PummelHummel I am not sure that the miner reports all of the Deadlines found, just the Deadlines that are better than the previous one, so I think that Deadlines / Block is very much down to luck and in no way a measure of how good your plots are.

    Having had a quick look at D/B mine vary from 3 to 10, however I still feel it means very little?