Funding C-Cex directly with Faucets to Buy Burst

  • I'm going to provide a complete tutorial using one site (because it does multiple coins) to show you how to fund your C-Cex account to buy burst.

    Step 1 - Setting up Deposit Addresses in C-Cex
    Login to your C-Cex account and go to Menu->Balances, makes sure the box called "SHOW ALL" is selected.
    0_1468769046100_Ccex-addr.PNG For each currency (this site uses LTC & BTC) select "Get New Address". The addresses generated are your deposit addresses we are going to link. Your screen should look like this:

    Step 2 - Collecting Coins
    Next go to this site, I'll explain why we are going to use it in a minute and the functionality that makes it really pay.!25416!7493!0

    Select "OPEN xxxx Faucet", enter the address that corresponds to that coin type that you created in C-Cex, in my example I'm using BTC. Also note I have 2 Stars. Stars are very important and I'll explain how they work.
    Complete the Capcha and click claim, those funds will be sent to FaucetBox which now points directly to C-Cex. When you hit the threshold (details further on) payout the funds will go straight into your C-Cex account and you will not have to pay a 2 step transfer fee by going to your wallet first.

    0_1468769103916_BigFaucet Entry.PNG

    Stars generate over time, Each star represents a potential bonus on top of your base payout. If you get ">>>>>" no bonus is added for that star, if you get (+xxxx Coins) that many coins are added, if you get (xx%) your current running total has that many more coins added. Thats why stars are better. You can generate up to 7 stars on a standard payout. The real money is in the Bonus button, (Bottom Right Corner). At a random given interval it will say "BONUS ACTIVE" for agiven coin, you have about 2 minutes to click on it. The payouts are 3-10 times bigger for the bonus. The bonus button has stars just like the regular faucet and work in the same manor.

    Step 3 - Understand how to get the most profit

    0_1468769089660_BigFaucetReward.PNG A little more about stars. Stars collected for a coin sum up over time an create a user level, initially you are level 1 and get a 2% bonus at the end, after one day you should be level 2 and have a 5% bonnus. At 50 stars you reach level 3 and are granted a 10% bonus. I dont know how high it goes as I've only been doing it a couple of days.

    Here are some recommended payout threshold for Faucet Box.
    BTC: 0.00025000
    LTC: 0.00250000
    PPC: 0.02000000

    I provided only those three as they are on this site I recommended.

    You can set each individual payout threshold by going to :

    substitute the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the C-Cex deposit address for each coin individually

    Step 4 - Historical Data

    My largest single payout was in LTC by this site for a single click, and was:
    UP TO 200 000 Litoshi every 15-70 min! 263139 litoshi 2016-07-17 04:49:00 HDT
    This one click hit the payout!

    Here is my historical graph for LTC so you can see how it's been working for me.
    0_1468769068994_LTC History.PNG

    Step 5 - Sell and Buy
    Back in your C-Cex account sell off your alt coin for any amount you think is fair, you may only do it every 2nd or thrid day. Buy burst, it strengths the value and lets you build a stock pile that you can hold or reinvest in Assets.

    Hope This Helps


  • @IceBurst Nice and understandable Info,Thanks,,and you know im an junkie now,Lol Hope to see you here soon!!

  • Thank you this is great

  • Do you have to register to save your progress on the faucets?

  • @Holiidayz No need,,just put in your C Cex adress you have for every diferent coin,thats all

  • @IceBurst ,,you got me into something ,LOL,,im having as of now 10 sites open,,dont have time to drink my coffea,,,just sitting here and clicking,,lets see when im going to be burst rich,,keeping my thumps !!!

  • Re: Funding C-Cex directly with Faucets to Buy Burst

    Lets add DASH to our collection of coins to convert to BURST. Why?

    1. It's supported by C-Cex
    2. The faucet count while much lower has higher quality faucets.

    Perform the Steps above to get your DASH address.

    Use this site:

    Heres why,

    1. it remembers your address, so you dont have to reenter it every time
    2. You can link also other coins to include BTC, LTC, PPC in addition to the DASH we just added, now were building up
      2a) Just click on the coin symbol at the top to switch between coins
    3. Only a single Capcha that some times caches your response! 🙂
    4. Low Payouts, but VERY fast, you can click claim every 30 seconds.

    This site is truly for the faucet junkie that can't stop clicking. If you are only going to do this site once a day I recommend you skip it and don't use it. My next followup will be a high payout long delay site for those that only want to click once a day.


  • @IceBurst Great article. Thanks. But do you know why C-CEX is generating the BURST address without end?

  • Also, the FaucetBOX appears to be under maintenance today? I cannot make any faucet claims whatsoever.

  • It appears I'm still wearing my clueless hat coz I don't completely understand the steps. that said, I'm now going to play and see if I can figure it out.

    Thank you so much for providing the tutorial. I'm sure once I play a little it will all click into place in my brain.

    At least, that's what I am hoping!

    Thanks again.

    Hope you realise I'll be hitting up this community about it if I get stuck though

  • @Leece FaucetBox is broken right now, they say they will be up tomorrow, their DB server took a dump

    Talk about poor timing.



  • @IceBurst

    Ok, now that I've had some sleep, I actually understand the steps. happy dance

    However, I went to c-cex, added doge, bitcoin, litecoin and dashcoin new addresses, yet, when I go to, I get an error message when I try to claim satoshi saying that either their site is in maintenance of that my bitcoin addy is incorrect. I've triple checked the addy both in c-cex and at arcia and they match.


    Do you know if arcia is down?

    And/or, how do I check to see if a wallet address is valid?

    (sorry to be such a pain)

  • @IceBurst
    Oh, and I did use your referral link to go to so that you will benefit. It was the least I could do given this helpful post.

  • @Leece What happens is pays directly to your facuet box account which is currently down, They are relaying a down message back and thats what you are seeing. hopefully it will be back up tomorrow. If you are using DonaldCoin like in my other post you can still build coins in your bank there until Faucet box comes back to life



  • @IceBurst

    just laughing at my stupidity

    sorry, for some reason I missed the fact that it was connected to FaucetBox, I knew faucetbox was down, but stupidly didn't make the connection in this context.

    Thank you so much for your patience with my stupid questions. I appreciate it very much.

  • @Leece By the way, FaucetBOX is still down today. You can check your wallet balance, yes, but you cannot make any faucet claims whatsoever. I just have no idea how long this issue will still run.

  • @Ndabezitha I just tryed to do claim in the first one that appears to me in the Faucets list and the payment was automatically to my faucetbox...
    alt text

  • Confirming that Faucet box is back up and operational. Just a side note, I got no referral bonus from I cant say I saw that coming. Makes me wonder how many faucets are dishonest.


  • @IceBurst

    I haven't been able to use because of the faucetbox being down. I've got a couple of things to do, but I'll give it a try again in about an hour or so and hopefully you'll end up with some referral benefits. Don't write them off yet, I'll message you if you like once I start using them so you absolutely know if they are honest or not.

  • @Ndabezitha

    Thanks so much for the info. I really appreciate it.