Finding Trusted Assets With Info and Also I Heard Some Assets Compromised Today.

  • @haitch So you have 400TB mining solo I assume and we get what percent back from that? How often are payouts and how many people are invested? Are there many investments from any given burst to the asset of yours? Tell me how I should invest in your thing and or how to find the market for safe assets. I do not see an easy list in the wallet as it says I need to search using an address and what are the odds finding random people and claims on the internet? On the password hacking thing, Use an extremely difficult password that involves special characters and is long. Use a separate computer before clicking random people's links or emails. Get an antivirus service that is easy to work with and whitelist mining programs easily, like the free 360 Total Security I use here I, myself, have 5.122 TB and am not getting many bursts right now. Like maybe 40 per 48 hours last I kept track. Sometimes power is unreliable, does getting disconnected or offline for until system boots back up lower Burst potential? Like my pool pays users for the previous block for a while and I wonder how it works. It is optimized and USB 3 with the main drive 86MB/s tops. The plot does not start at 0 but the plots are next to each other.

  • @Magnetic no trusted asset keep off , talking from experience they ruined me . fack all fake

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    @Magnetic It's 400 TB - 230TB of that is plotted, but I'm having reliability issues with 80TB, my newest server is plotting ~32TB/48 Hours. 100% of the three servers will be going to the asset while I re-establish it. Payout will be moving to the first Monday of every month. As the assets increase and fees take a less significant portion of income I'll be moving to more frequent payouts.

    I won't give investing advice, I'm not qualified to do that.

    The asset ID is: 4362757949333215171 . Add it to the AE then you can purchase.

    I've personally bought 120,000 Burst worth to give the rebuild a kickstart.

    I use anti-malware, and anti-virus software, but this was a screwup by me somewhere - and put the phrase somewhere public, I just can't find out where.

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    @cashgold No, they're not all fake. Do your research, and invest in reliable assets. There are many reliable ones, and others that turned into scams.

  • @Magnetic My tiny little asset which no shares are currently for sale at a reasonable price and SoCalFarm are the only two that investors haven't gotten completely screwed by. My advice hold the Burst Coin its the best the asset to hold.

    Oh I forgot HiDevin.....that is prolly the best one going at the moment. Hasn't been running very long but he's doing a great job to start.

  • @Dillion not the only two 😛

  • @LithStud

    awww ok great. I haven't ever really looked into YASA maybe its time.

  • My current "trusted" assets.
    CCM100 - 5255893438014874161
    GLAsset - 14424406547777950588
    HiDevin - 8094717548345959327
    Lex4All - 2264511436216725766
    MCM - 17574856731278218225
    Minero200 - 8140956823699307160
    NewHassets - 4362757949333215171
    StoshiMt - 12902579278867632155
    SoCalsFarm - 9998071651072078911
    talonPower - 10465185571600128984
    YASA - 12143106865567593139

    These all, with an exception or two, have regular payouts. I haven't really invested in volume to make a good ROI just yet. But hopefully this will give @magnetic on a few assets to check out and invest in.

    Can anyone suggest any others I have overlooked/missed on the forums?

  • @haitch they are 90% are fake

  • @kizeren-0 microburst seems like a good one this far. It's also pretty new but guy running it is U.S veteran should be trustworthy.