Something is Wrong?

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    Why is it says name/size Mismatch??

  • admin

    @SirDipesh For some reason your plotting was interrupted, and the file size does not match what is defined by the filename. Use Blago's PlotChecker to fix them:

  • Thank You for the Response!
    Well run the .exe and here is the screen shot. Please check if I am back on for Plotting or need to do something else....0_1468774725798_CheckPlot.png

  • and now a warning when I start mining the Plot 😞0_1468775014249_WhileMining.png

    Probably one of the plot file has been corrupted. By the way there are 3 Plot file on this location
    F:\Burst\plots is it normal???

  • @SirDipesh my advice is to delete and replot them...
    Your files should look like this:

    cmd line of the first one:

    wplotgenerator 5396441479851208336 60000000 535040 2432 X F:\Burst\plots

    where 'X' is the CPU cores you will dedicate for this plotting...

  • Hey, Thnx for the command....I already started replotting my HDD for 500 GB but after completion of 93% I mistakenly restarted my machine. So now I left with 34 GB of space...Now I have started re-plotting the same drive for 34 GB of space and what I notice that there is a New File which has been created inside F:\Burst\plots......Here comes my question "Will I be able to mine sussesfully without any errors which I have posted above after these Plotting is completed or should I only Mine with the Drive space 466 gb which has been already plotted??? It has been stopped in the middle is the Plot drive is Healthy for Mining work???

  • @SirDipesh i would suggest replotting or if you really dont want to wait, rename the file to the exact size

  • @SirDipesh If i were you when the pc has finished the restart i had runed the exact command line of the 93% crash to see if the plotter had continued from the 93% already done but since you don't do it then you have three options, i think:

    1. You could check what is the size of the file and if is 0 bytes this point can't help you (see 2. and 3.), if is longer i would copy the file name and put it into a command line to be exactly the same of the one you use before... The only thing you could change in that command line is the number of CPU threads allocated to this. (And i don't recommend)

    2. What @ddos sayed... Never tried and certainly is pretty dificult to hit the right nonce but is better then replot i suppose. Thanks ddos, I will try if i had another crash like 99% or even 100% like i had before xD

    3. Or in last case you could delete the file and replot...

  • admin

    @SirDipesh Look for Blago's PlotsChecker in the software category - it can fix the file name for you.