Plotting not going well... drive keeps running out of space

  • Hello everyone,

    I really want to start mining on Burst on my Hackintosh (macOS Sierra), but keep running into issues with plotting. I have been using the mjminer-plot-command-
    generator to come up with the script for a 500 GB external drive that I want to plot (yes, I know 500 GB is not a lot, I just want to play around). Each time I try to plot, my drive keeps running out of space! It would be around 92-96 % done, then it would freeze because there is no more space on the drive. If someone could help me out, that would be great!

    Here is my command:
    ./plot -k 9736813437083431522 -d /Volumes/Untitled/Plot/ -s 0 -n 1900544 -m 16384 -t 2

  • I am now trying a 400 GB plot on the 500 GB drive, let's see how it goes...

  • The command you're running needs 498216206336 of actual free bytes (Plus some filesystem overhead) A 500 GB drive is rarely 500GB of actual usable space for various reasons.

    Normally it takes 256000-262144 bytes per nonce. If you're running out of space you're probably not giving it enough slack room.

    Divide your free space bytes by 262144 and that number of nonces should fit with a little bit of room to spare.

    Good luck!

  • admin

    @crackthecode A nonce is 262,144 bytes and the plotter will plot only full staggers of nonce. Eg - if you told it to plot 2 nonces, with a stagger of 4 - it plots 4.

    To determine how many nonces will fit:

    Total Nonces = floor(( drive size in bytes / 262144) / stagger) * stagger

    Where floor rounds the result down, so floor(2.5) = 2

  • @haitch @captinkid Thanks guys! I think I understand how this works now, thank you!