Mining from multiple hard drives?

  • I have a 500 GB Hard Drive laying around. Can I have multiple hard drives being mined off of the same pc? (I am presently mining on my existing internal hard drive) Thanks for any information

  • admin

    @nancyb88 - as long as you're on 64 bit windows, multiple drives are not an issue. I have a miner that's been mining for close to 2 years with 11 drives.

  • @haitch
    You're gonna hate the sight of me, I've still got heaps of questions, however, I do appreciate your help. 🙂

    So, regarding multiple drives. I'm seriously considering purchasing a 3tb WD external drive. Can I mine the external WD drive as well as an internal drive (I am currently using an internal hardrive) together with the one miner?

    If it is possible, is it easy to combine them, or will I once again don my 'totally clueless' hat?

    Either way, thanks for all your help. I've spent hours perusing the discussion board and I'm very pleased to see how supportive the admins are. Kudos to you.


  • @Leece The software is only looking for a drive letter, so it would yes... If you look on youtube with the keywords burst coin, or burstcoin, you will see some miners showing off their rigs. Look at this one and in the lower left corner of the screen you will see his 10 external drives

  • @TurtleWinsRace

    Thank you so much. Ten? I'm envious. chuckle But I'll be sure to take a look.

    thanks again.