Forged Balance /= Forged Blocks in

  • Hello everyone. I am mining solo with 240tb for a few days now.

    In my Wallet the Forged Balance rises every other day. As far as I understand these are the rewards of blocks I found.

    As of right now I have about 11600 Burst show as forged balance, which equals about 7 block rights?...

    However under, when looking at my stats. It says I have only 2 solo mined blocks. Am I looking at this wrong?

  • stuck at somewhere don't rely on data on there. Your wallet is much more accurate

  • since when is it stuck? Is there a reason for that? Anything to worry about?

  • @PummelHummel is just a web page that stores the data of the blockchain in a database. If for some reason you can not connect well with the blockchain, for example ddos attacks, it shows incorrect data.
    But it is only a page of reference the data that are worth those that shows your wallet, that does not show the correct data does not influence the operation of the currency.

    When they resynchronize the database will correct