Need 1 Burst coin to get started please.

  • Hi everyone,

    I bought some Burst on Bittrex to get started and I tried to transfer them to my local wallet, the transaction failed and I have now lost my coins!

    Bittrex says that my address is invalid! I read online that this is because the wallet is not activated yet but I thought that funding my wallet from Bittrex will actually activate it, this was not the case.

    Can I please get 1 burst to activate my address? I'll send it back once I am able to fund my wallet.

    Why is Burst wallet designed this way? Other coins don't need to be activated like this, you just download the wallet and start mining/funding. Even when the wallet has to be activated like in Ripple, you just fund it from Bittrex (or whatever) and you are up and running.

    This is costing new comers both time and money, I lost 100s of coins trying to activate my wallet and I can't start mining my already plotted 40TB machine because I don't wanna loose any more coins


  • @Energy Thanks!