Plotting with B.wallet - error win/system32

  • So,

    I m getting into trouble when I want to start to plot ot different drive than C://:
    here is the pic -

    0_1499967088137_Burst error.png

    How can I solve the problem?

  • How dumb of me,

    If it is started from C:// drive then it creates only XPlotter to D:// and I have to start it my self, but I have one little problem.

    I have one acc and it is used to two PC-s. One is running and there I have already made a plot space. Do I have to continue the plot number here in differen PC or it is only considered if this is made in ONE PC-rig?

  • admin

    @ARAZER The plot numbers on each PC need to be unique if you're using the same Burst ID. Easiest way is to change the drive letters on the drives being used for mining on the second PC.


    PC1: C: OS, D, E : Mining
    PC2: C: OS, F, G : Mining