• Ive been having an issue with my wallet, its kinda weird as ive never had any other cryptocurrentcy do this ever. but the last 2 days ive had burst pulled from my wallet and sent to some burst id, and its the same burst id every time. i have no auto sends set up my rig and wallet are under heavy lock and key, only i can get i to them. its always about a few hours after the funds are in my wallet then it happens and its always while im at work. anyone got any ideas whats going on?

  • I never heard about auto pay outs.
    Maybe someone has your password.
    Give us more info. In which wallet address money are transfered? Is this wallet new created? How many times that happend.

    The easiest way is to create new wallet and transfer all your funds there.

  • @TOXIX_THUNDA Most likely your account is compromised. You should create a new account just to be safe. It was most likely a link that you clicked on. Which wallet are you using? Do you use local or online?

  • bare with as im still new to burst. i use local wallet, ive got a 100 char pass thats extremely hard to crack even with the best decryptors, and burst has been taken twice in the last 2 days and sent to this burst id : BURST-5BGX-C7EA-A6ET-BAQCD. i dont know who it is, never seen that burst id before it started taking burst from my wallet. if its a fact the my wallet in compted then im scrubbing it and making a new one but its going to make life hard to start mining again as then burst id is keeping my wallet at 0.

  • Pretty sure that is the same address that "got" @haitch
    If so I would be curious as to what you have in common...

  • not a thing, i just started getting into burst a few days ago

  • admin

    @TOXIX_THUNDA said in HELP:


    Thats the same address that got my asset password and stole all my assets.

    Your account has been compromised, create a new one.

  • i scrubbed that wallet and started fresh about 3 hours ago. do you have any ideas on who owns that burst id? or do you have any info on them?