Dedicated Dell poweredge R410 server, 2x 6 Core CPUs, 32GB RAM 30Mbps Unlimited Bandwidths, 5 IPs

  • So I'm collocating a server to a data center, on my second server I get a discount. Was wondering if anybody would be interested, if you apply before I ship out my server tomorrow, I will ship it for free. I will provide the server, it is a Dell poweredge R410. Server will have, 2x X5650 CPUs, 6 cores each, @ 2.66 GHz, turbo to 3.06GHz. With 32GB of RAM, 1333MHz. It will have 2x 2TB HDDs in RAID 1. The internet speed is 30Mbps up and down, unmanaged full duplex dedicated unlimited bandwidth. And it comes with 5 IP addresses. It's $55 a month, +$5/mo for renting the server. If you want to buy the server out right it's $254. I don't have rails, they told me they can temporarily mount the server on a shelf. You will need to get rails, or I can buy you rails if you don't know what you're looking for. I think it's somewhere around $35 on eBay. They prefer the server to be on rails because the shelf takes up a 1U space that they could be using. The server will be on a 1A UPS plus diesel generator back up. If you apply after I ship my server it's $30 for shipping, server weighs about 35 pounds. You also get iDRAG 6 access, so you will have full control over the server. If you pay in some type of cryptocurrency there's a 13% fee to cover the exchange cost to PayPal. Just let me know what the OS you want, Linux is free. If you want windows server you need to provide the license.

  • I will be shipping my server in about an hour, if anybody wants free shipping. Let me know soon!

  • Okay it cost about $27.79 to ship a server to the data center ( DC ). If anybody still wants a dedicated server hosting it's still available. It will take about ~5 or less days to ship the server to the DC.