Wow ChainCoin

  • Been watching this guy Max from "High on coins" he has a few channels but recently he has a "HODL" campaign with CHC (chaincoin)

    I caught wind of it around 40 cents and didnt want to get involved.. it is now at 6 dollars and up 130%>>>>>WOW

    It can only be bought on cryptopia

    It is a masternode coin

    what do you guys think? Pump and dump? He swears it isnt ..

    Trevon James, another Youtuber made 3400% gains and dumped them and now his group is mad at him ..HAHA

    I just do not want to invest in it..but it is tempting..

    umm.. yeah anyone else watching this?

  • @darindarin I do watch his channel. Amazing how he can gather a group of hodlers and change the price.