New to burst? I can help you.

  • Can you please send me few coins to start?

    Thanks in advance


  • @PY Sent you a few.

  • @FlippyCakes This man / woman is without doubt IMO one of the very top most generous Burst community members I have witnessed in my year long residency here. Respect, Sir / Madam

  • I need help to start mining, I'm ready, I only need 2 burst, can you help me?

  • @fabiocq segue a minha wallet para doação: BURST-BH6S-52Z4-NJ7U-3EGZQ

  • I would appreciate it very much, all topics ive read on buying havent panned out. Been chasing faucets for 2 days now. I will gladly return once im up and going.

    Thanks in advance,

  • @fabiocq Sent you a few.

  • @SimplyLiving6 Sent you a few, too.

  • @FlippyCakes , thank you.

  • Boa noite, estou precisando de algumas burst, para começar a mineração, vc pode me ajudar: BURST-BH6S-52Z4-NJ7U-3EGZQ

  • Hello, I need help to activate my Burst wallet for mining, please send me some Bursts.
    My wallet is: BURST-T3NY-53XC-9K2D-3QVA6
    Thanks alots!

  • @TOXIX_THUNDA hello I am new here thanks my burst id is BURST-XVYE-EFE2-HPBZ-2LR4J

  • @georgearguelles Can I stop plotting my hard drop cause I need a restart my Pc thanks again for help

  • Hello. Thank You in advance for Your offer to help the newbies.
    So. let's start with the questions.
    I'm in lack of money so I decided to start mining with the equipment I own. It's the AMD-E1-2100 processor with 2GB RAM and 145 GB dedicated HD for mining. I registered the online wallet, finished the first plot and I have started AOI (all in one) application for mining in Windows7. But, when I start mining and choose pool I got this message:

    I started mining and nothing happens for a while (app. 6 hours).

    What should I do?

    What I did do wrong?

    Thanks in advance once again.

  • @donnismiths Sent you a few to get started.

  • @FlippyCakes Thank you so much !

  • @zajec61 With just 145 GB, you won't get many deadlines. You are likely mining properly, but I would recommend joining a pool for smaller miners, like my pool. See my sig. The eu pool is for larger miners.

  • @kev626 Hello. Do You mean Is that correct? If it is correct I will try when I find one more burst for registration.

  • @zajec61 yeah. This correct.

  • @kev626 Hello from Serbia once again. I joined Your pool and I am very satisfied because something is happening. I do not know if I wiil get paid, and when, and how much but what matters to me is that something is on the move.
    And now a little bit serious.
    I joined BURST because I read that it doesn't require a CPU time (only free HD space). But the internet traffic is so intensive that I cann't do the things I did earlier (I can, but more slower.).
    That's it. I just wanted to tell You that I joined Your pool and to share my thoughts and experience (not big).
    Best regards.

    One thing I forgot. I have 2 PC's and now I'm plotting on the other one 30 GB just to see if I can mine the same wallet from 2 computers on the same pool. If I cann't do that please can You tell me not to try.

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