New to burst? I can help you.

  • @FlippyCakes This man / woman is without doubt IMO one of the very top most generous Burst community members I have witnessed in my year long residency here. Respect, Sir / Madam

  • I need help to start mining, I'm ready, I only need 2 burst, can you help me?

  • @fabiocq segue a minha wallet para doação: BURST-BH6S-52Z4-NJ7U-3EGZQ

  • I would appreciate it very much, all topics ive read on buying havent panned out. Been chasing faucets for 2 days now. I will gladly return once im up and going.

    Thanks in advance,

  • @fabiocq Sent you a few.

  • @SimplyLiving6 Sent you a few, too.

  • @FlippyCakes , thank you.

  • Boa noite, estou precisando de algumas burst, para começar a mineração, vc pode me ajudar: BURST-BH6S-52Z4-NJ7U-3EGZQ

  • Hello, I need help to activate my Burst wallet for mining, please send me some Bursts.
    My wallet is: BURST-T3NY-53XC-9K2D-3QVA6
    Thanks alots!

  • @TOXIX_THUNDA hello I am new here thanks my burst id is BURST-XVYE-EFE2-HPBZ-2LR4J

  • @georgearguelles Can I stop plotting my hard drop cause I need a restart my Pc thanks again for help

  • Hello. Thank You in advance for Your offer to help the newbies.
    So. let's start with the questions.
    I'm in lack of money so I decided to start mining with the equipment I own. It's the AMD-E1-2100 processor with 2GB RAM and 145 GB dedicated HD for mining. I registered the online wallet, finished the first plot and I have started AOI (all in one) application for mining in Windows7. But, when I start mining and choose pool I got this message:

    I started mining and nothing happens for a while (app. 6 hours).

    What should I do?

    What I did do wrong?

    Thanks in advance once again.

  • @donnismiths Sent you a few to get started.

  • @FlippyCakes Thank you so much !

  • @zajec61 With just 145 GB, you won't get many deadlines. You are likely mining properly, but I would recommend joining a pool for smaller miners, like my pool. See my sig. The eu pool is for larger miners.

  • @kev626 Hello. Do You mean Is that correct? If it is correct I will try when I find one more burst for registration.

  • @zajec61 yeah. This correct.

  • @kev626 Hello from Serbia once again. I joined Your pool and I am very satisfied because something is happening. I do not know if I wiil get paid, and when, and how much but what matters to me is that something is on the move.
    And now a little bit serious.
    I joined BURST because I read that it doesn't require a CPU time (only free HD space). But the internet traffic is so intensive that I cann't do the things I did earlier (I can, but more slower.).
    That's it. I just wanted to tell You that I joined Your pool and to share my thoughts and experience (not big).
    Best regards.

    One thing I forgot. I have 2 PC's and now I'm plotting on the other one 30 GB just to see if I can mine the same wallet from 2 computers on the same pool. If I cann't do that please can You tell me not to try.

  • @zajec61

    You absolutely can, but you will just need to set up a proxy on one computer. This prevents one computer from being penalized when it submits a share worse than one that was already submitted. A proxy will prevent this from happening. In blago's miner, it is very simple. Set enableProxy to true, and on your second wallet, set the pool address to the ip address of the proxy's computer. The proxy will forward requests to the pool as long as it's configuration is set to pool mine on

    Thanks for joining the pool!

  • Greetings from Argentina, I am new, someone lends me 2 burst to start?

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