Trying to understand the mining process

  • Hello all. I have recently got the mining bug and the one currency I'm focusing on right now is Burst. Well, that is, Burst is causing the most questions right now. I got started with 10TB plotted and I have been at it for about three weeks now. I've yet to receive any Burst though. I was able to scrape up a few from some of the faucets that weren't dried up. I was mining on Lexitoshi for about a week but it seems to be going down daily (currently down), so I tried mining solo for a bit to see if the pool issue would get squared away. The last I saw on the pending payments there, I had about 200 pending Burst. Since it kept going down, I switched over to I've been mining here for a couple days now and still nothing. I know that different pools have different payment methods and I may need to be patient. However, several questions have come up in the past couple weeks and I'm wondering if some of you veterans can help the noob out a bit.

    • How can I determine the exact pay out method a pool is using and when to expect a payment? This will help in the waiting game. EDIT I found the Pool Overview spreadsheet that lists out any auto payouts and the minimum payout amounts.

    • How can I tell what I have pending Burst with a pool? Lextoshi actually had that right on the main page, but I've noticed that other pools use a different layout and that info is not shown.

    • Since switching over to, I've been watching my miner output and trying to makes sense of what it's spitting out in comparison to the pool's web page. For instance today, in block 381826 I had a DL confirmed for 0d 01:10:31. I thought "SWEET," and watched the web page to see if my miner showed in the current shares, but it never did. The "Our Best Miner" column showed a miner that had a DL a solid hour higher than mine. Am I reading this correctly?

    • How can I go back and look at blocks and see all the shares and who won them? The block links on the pool's web page point to links on, but they all result in a 404.

    • Back to Lexitoshi. If I do still have those pending Burst there and now I have no more Burst to switch back to that pool (assuming it stays up and running), is there a way to get those or will they be lost?

    I appreciate any feedback you can provide.

    It seems that hours after posting this, I suddenly began receiving Burst about every 24h. Two payments now. If anyone can help answer any of the above questions, it would be much appreciated.

  • I've answered most of my questions after some deep-digging over the weekend and it appears that Lexitoshi is down for good, so no recovering what was lost.

  • That is an assumption not a fact. Why dont you ask lexicon or post on his thread?