HDD Wake Up! - Is it actually a problem? Is it more efficient to idle HDDs or spin them?

  • Hello Burst Community.

    As I expand my burstcoin operation I am wondering a couple things. Just so I am clear, when the miner says "HDD Wake Up!" -- is that simply carrying out the function to keep my HDD's spinning or does it mean my HDD is not responding to the miner when a block is available? If it means my HDD is not responding; what is causing that if I have set them up to not go to sleep and set priority on my cpu while running NoSleepHD?

    If the "HDD Wake Up" keeps my HDD's spinning; that raises the question of how much more energy efficient would it be to run the HDDs only when a block is found? Does the energy efficiency outweigh the benefits of running the HDD constantly for a possible longer HDD life? Would idling your HDD's lead to slower read times dramatically?

    All feedback is welcome. I have not found a thread that really contained good information to this question for miners scaling.