Plot ID

  • Hi, my first post here..

    I'm tempted to rant about the poor interface for burstcoin, but I'll save that for another day. 😉

    While trying to set things up I was making various accounts, and at some stage plotted the drive.
    So, how can I see which busrt address the account was plotted to?
    Can this be changed at will?


  • @Roland_005 Put the numeric id frim bat file into search engine and it will tell you which address is that.If you want to change address on already plotted drive you need to start from the beggining.

  • OK, I did that thanks, and this is what I get

    Numeric Account ID 17930413153828766298
    Public Key 93768c3c94cd81cd65d622f06b03180a0c23a8745bb60303f799e18facda437a
    Name Blago

    So why on earth would burstcoin set someone elses adress? Is this one of the creators? Fairly disingenious.... I did not enter that adress..

    So I'll have to plot all over again..

  • Ok, I did re-install the wallet v0.3.9.7, at some stage because it seemed to hang, so maybe that's why the bat file is original. But the field should be set invalid, rather than some persons account.

    There are no progress bars in this wallet (programming 101), so you never know if anythings actually happening.

    Since the bat file is overwritten, and I'm not sure which account it was, then the plot is useless? No way of knowing? Ok, re-plotting....
    Thanks for your time.


  • @Roland_005 Blago is one of the devs.His address is there probably as an example for you to know what to put there.I wouldn't even suspect Blago for any foul play.If you want you can use standalone ver of xplotter.I find it simpler.