• Hi everyone i know there isnot too much help on plotting on MAc but i will still try. I stumbled on some information regaurding plotting on MAc and i am stuck at this stage:
    0_1500133877933_6b6c9ea5-0e2e-4fff-91a0-574e14325f9b-image.png Code
    ./plot -k 6891xxx9176xxx3xxx -d /Volumes/ArchiveRB/plots -s 0 -n 409600 -m 8192 -x 2 -t 3

    I am stuck becuase i dont understand this part:0_1500133938574_cb39589b-be99-4bff-9364-0f7c13ff2245-image.png -n 380928 # Each nonce = 256KB. Divide (disk size) by (262144), then divide by (stagger size -m) : round down, multiply by (stagger size.)

    i currently want to plott 4.7 terabytes can anyone help with this conversion please

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    Number of nonces = floor(( disk size in bytes / 262144) / stagger) * stagger

    Floor() rounds a real number down to the next lowest integer - eg floor(3.5) -> 3

  • ok i need to know if am on the right track here i have 4.7 TB in bytes this is 4.7E+12 which is the same as 14.71828182845905...then i divide that by
    262144 will give me 0.00005614578945 then divide by "stagger" and multiple by Stagger ...dont know what the stagger is. Is it the memory size??

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    @bere No, you need to go to the properties of the drive and get the EXACT number of bytes. Different drives from different manufactures vary in how close to X TB they are - you need the exact value for your drive.

    Your drive will be somewhere around 5,000,000,000,000 bytes - you need the exact value, then divide by 262144 which gives around 19073486.328125 nonces. Divide that by stagger, ( the -m value), so 19073486.328125 / 8192 = 2328.3064365386962890625, floor() that to get 2328. Multiply that by the stagger again, 2328 * 8192 = 19,070,976 Nonces.

    Repeat that calculation with your exact drive size.

  • my word.....i dont belive developers please create a graphical user interface for plotting..this is crazy...But thank you anyways you were a great help...which i had some burst would give u a few..but as you can see am just trying to plot my drives...thank you much