• Hi guys,
    I know there are a lot of mining asset out there but as the difficulty pumped up to the roof we need to expand our rigs too, so i am releasing this asset now with the goal of reaching 1PB.

    This Asset started as a BurstCoin Mining asset with a mining power of 106TB and had a plan to expand up to 1Pb of mining power.
    But due to unavoidable reason, We are tackling a new way to earn profit. One of that is Bitconnect Loan [For more information Click Here]
    and the other one is Trading on Bittrex and last but not the least is by investing in other asset.

    All information below is based on website API aside from Bitconnect. Bitconnect account Screenshot will be posted weekly.

    Asset shares: 1,000,000
    Initial release: 100,000(= to 106TB)
    Price: 10 burst/share
    ID: 4398045642972398121

    40% of the sales be for safe keeping
    10% of the sales is for me to keep(Electric bills etc)
    50% will use to upgrade rig, bitconnect loan, buying asset, and trading
    and im looking for other way to expand this asset(like raffle items from japan/Steam or amazon gift cards/gadgets. or burst auction site still thinking about it)


    1. Mining profit will be distributed to all share holders based on their share percentage(as of now based on 100,000 shares)
    2. 70% of Bitconnect loan profit will go to asset holders and 30% for re-investment. Check below Screenshot as bitconnect dont have API.
    3. 75% of trading profit will be given to all asset holders. 25% for re-investment.
    4. Div payment from other asset will go to all asset holder (90% of it for RBconnect and 10% will be return to our pdmining money for reinvestment until it reached 10k[bought asset]
      but the rest of it will be given to all asset holder).

    1% of total DIV will go to Dev donation.
    the rest will be distributed.

    Div payment will be made every sunday(GMT+9 tokyo time)
    all div below 1 burst will be on hold until it reach 1 burst.
    As of now burst value sunk so we will wait a little to pump it up so we can upgrade the rig.(i will ask for asset holders opinion for the right time to upgrade)

    Mining power is currently at 106TB
    shares is for 100TB and the other 5TB is just a plus(and will be included in div) and will just sell on the next release.
    In case im out of town or on business trip notice will be posted.

    As for pre-release of 30K shares(minus the 1% for dev donation and 10% for fees)is on sale.
    all in all 29700 shares is on sale.

    In worst case scenario that i need to close the asset, 40% sales(safe keeping) + all upgraded rigs will be sold and distribute it to all share holders.

    Asset wallet: BURST-V22U-GXVF-353N-9F2EL
    Dev Funds wallet: BURST-NLQY-3H52-8L2W-A66T9

    [personal background]
    Country: based in japan for more than 10 years and counting
    Working in a IT company
    Likes anime and cycling

    You can check your DIV Payment and bittrex/bitconnect account on our cute little free website.


  • asset current mining rig picture
    0_1500161641266_20170716_030939.jpg 0_1500161661026_20170716_031057.jpg

    thank you haitch for trusting! ^_^

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    This is nice what about payouts when it starts weekly monthly daily?

  • @dvndr007 it is weekly sir every sunday (GMT+9 tokyo time). thank you

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    @progryu009gaijin cool Thankyou so next sunday first payout or it will start when all shares get sold!

  • @progryu009gaijin

    I will add to our assets once your ready count me in!

    Watashi wa kau kikku!! <- is that spelled right? my japanes is VERY rusty

  • @dvndr007 all pre sale shares sold or not i will pay full 105TB mined burst to share holders for 2 weeks. after that div will go back to normal

  • @falconCoin hahahah shares are on sale, thank you sir! and i transferred to your pool! home we can make more coins!

    the word "WA" should be spelled as "ha" but the reset is good.

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    @progryu009gaijin said in [ANN]pdMiner:

    after that div will go back to normal

    ididnt get this statement actully, first two weeks full payouts after that ?

  • @dvndr007 what i mean is, only 30% of the asset is on pre-sale, 30TB in short, supposed to be div will came from 30% of what i mine using 100TB(which is 100%). but i will pay full mined (not 30% but 100%) for 2 weeks as a sign of appreciation for people who trusted me. after 2 weeks the remaining 70% shares will be up for sales and div will go back to normal(meaning what % is sold will be the % of the div).still thinking of how can i include bonus for other time.

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    @progryu009gaijin Thankyou for such nice explanation now i got it. let assume if you sell out 10% of your shares after two Weeks you will pay 10tb payout aprox to share holders am i right ?

  • @dvndr007 like all asset, yes. only sold percentage will be paid as we cant give 100% of the income if the share holders only have 10% right^_^ but who knows? i can do this once in a while plus bonus. ive found a way to make coins on bitsler a very slow progress but surely as ive tested(but of course i will not use asset funds and i will use my own[still saving for it LOL].

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  • We just hit our first block! LOL im just happy sorry.

    and another good news, i played at bitsler using the faucet and i won .004 bitcoin from faucet(.00001250 btc) for like 3hrs of playing and having fun. so i stopped there i dont want to push my luck so i withdraw it. and i will give 300 burst coin as a bonus for our first div and i will keep the rest. ill try my luck next time.

    and yes if you will ask what about last july 7? i tried my luck, exchanged my burst to LTC and i won .3 LTC as i withdraw ^_^.

  • finished re-plotting some hdd and and i also manage to squeeze a little bit more space after cleaning up my Hdds.


  • 0_1500328194672_ninjaevi1.png first block for the day, hope we get another one! Going to work now ^_^ cheers.

  • Am sorry but the price of your asset is quite high and beats my sense of economics. As at the time of this post, 1k burst is $9.10 being that the crypto market is currently bearish, burst price is quite low and an 8 gig hdd cost less than $200. Releasing 100k shares at 10 burst per share is 1 million burst which at current prices would buy HDD worth about 365 terabyte. You've released 30K shares worth 300k burst which if sold out would buy the entire 105 terabyte you're currently mining with at current prices so the remaining 70k shares would be pure profit for you? You are basically selling 30TB at 300k when one can get 109TB with 300k burst or 364TB at 1 million burst considering the fact that burst price is low. I fail to see the incentive for your asset as it is simply overpriced. Goodluck bro.

  • @kolture_klash you crushed him, please send me PM (looking for some skilled economic ^^)

  • @kolture_klash at 30k shares 1% of that will go to dev which will left me 29700(297,000 burst) and 40% of sales will not be touch in case everything went bad i will use it for buy backs and sell all rigs that was bought. so that is 120,000 burst. 10% of that will go to fees and for me (30,000) and im not getting any fees from the div as i already got it.

    300,000 burst -120,000(40%) - 3000(1% for dev) - 30,000 ( for fees) = 147,000 burst
    which i can buy 6 200$ 8tb drives without the tax and the shipping if i include it i dont know how much can i buy with it.
    if you will compute this by 100k shares, i will get a total of 490,000 burst at current rate will give me 4224USD and i can buy 21 8TB hdd without the tax and the shipping fees and i havent included other things like USB hub, PCI, etc to the computation. this is if everything is sold.
    as i said in the asset if the money will excess this will be use to loan on polo or if other share holders have idea what should we do the we can decide on it. if you have money then you can go and use 300,000 burst to buy, but not all people have money that is why i set up this asset.

    and just to add, ive been backing up this asset with 106TB, asset sold will just bring another TB's to this asset which will raise the percentage to win a block or to earn more coins, im not starting this asset from nothing.

    since you seems to be good in economics let me ask for your suggestion so i can make this asset good and in reasonable price, then how much would you suggest me to sell it? include the tax, shipping fee, other stuff for rig, elec bill.
    i would really appreciate me if you can help me with this. thank you for your opinion.

  • Yay! Another block for us!