Does Pool location affect DL confirmation rate?

  • Hi guys,

    I have a bit of question regarding pool server location and the DL confirmation while mining. I have tried mining in many pools (one at a time of cause). Each pool have diffrent DL confirmation rate, some confirmed almost every DL sent others fewer, but all have Netwotk quality 100%.

    So I wonder, does pool l in geographic location play a role in DL confimation rate? like the one near where I mine would have better DL confimation, or some thing like that.

    Also if any one could point me to a pool in South East Asia region (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia..), I would be very appreciate. The only pool in Asia that I could find is in China, but I don't understand Chineses. So when there's any issue, I have quite a bit of language issue. Thanks

  • Pools have a minimum deadline they'll accept, some accept more some less.

    Find one that gives you a confirmed deadline every few rounds and you should be fine.