Explosive Asset!

  • Asset name: Explosive
    Asset ID: 13430408307535451875
    Burstcoin wallet ID: BURST-P97L-62M4-HYXJ-5FSU8
    Total asset shares: 2,500
    My age: 32

    Explosive asset shares details
    The first 1,000 shares will be released at 400 burst per share.
    Then the price of shares will go up to 500 burst per share for the next 1,000 shares.
    Each 1000 shares sold will be 1% royalty on every unit that my business sells payed out in dividends. ( this is total sales price of each unit and is actually around 3% of profit of each unit depending on retail or wholesale).
    Initial share release will be 1,000 shares at 400 burst and then 1,000 shares at 500 burst.

    Dividend payouts will be as follows
    Royalty dividends will be paid out monthly on the first of each month.

    Asset dividend payout breakdown
    80% of dividends payouts will go directly to share holders.
    10% of dividends will go to me for running the asset.
    10% of dividends will go to a separate wallet to buyback shares into the asset for the business.

    There will be a $25 penalty paid out in burst if I am late on making dividend payments.

  • @explosive said in Explosive Asset!:

    Explosive Growth LED LLC

    How old is the corp and what state did you file the paperwork? I've created a corp (still exists) and the name is online for everyone to see. Your corp should show up but it does not.

    I would like to see photos and maybe a video of the equipment you use to build the LED grow lights.

    At 400Burst per share, that's very high.

  • Incorporated in the state of maine.
    LLC is 7 month old.
    I have all the paperwork and have sent copies of pieces of that paperwork to haitch.
    I will post copies of any pieces i can that dont have information on them that could be stolen.
    I will post a video and proof over the next few days as stated in the asset intro no problem.
    As for the price of 400 burst it isnt steep when you think about what the asset is backed by. I will break down my business evaluation tomorrow also so everyone can see how i got to those numbers.

    As stated above im not releasing the shares until i post all the necessary proff for you guys.

    Guys you have to let me finish with the asset and do this stuff before you make judgment on the asset. This stuff isnt as easy as just boom and its done. Being that this is a way more complicated asset plan that has never been tried thats based on a real world business. There is nothing like this asset to date and the value of what im backing the asset with is no where comparable to any other asset.

    I get it that stuff has happened and trust is limited but i haven't even asked for anything yet. When im done and ready to release shares if you guys dont trust the asset or info thats another story but you gotta let me provide the information first.

  • Bookmarked and ready to buy as soon as the asset goes live. I wish you the best!

  • @explosive Love the idea and can't wait to see what information you can provide for us. All the best!


  • @explosive very good. Could you please provide some info about the tech, where competitors are at in the market and state of the art of current tech and applications? Thanks.

  • @vExact

    Yes the tech is the fun part for me 🙂
    Honesty there is not much to compare to on the market lol. There are a ton of LED grow lights out there but 99% of them are big corporate companies. No one does custom like i do and very few do the D.I.Y. style like me there are a few but not many :). The big issue with the big corporate companys is that they are solely based around marketing and money where i use real world hands on experience. So they will have big pretty cases that bring down the efficiency of the light but make it look good where i wont do anything that isnt about better production unless asked for. Small stuff like quick disconnect kits for versatility or quick disconnect optics for options with how the lights spread. Stuff like this isnt offered by the big cookie cutter companys. Another thing that really sets me apart is the fact that when one of the big companies creates a new model they have to research jump through a bunch of hoops then they mass produce the product by the time it hits the market the components are a year plus old and out of date. Everything i use is current.. im always searching trying and testing new tech and being custom my lights are always changing.

    Give me a little bit and i will start posting pics and information for you guys. I want to try and make a video today as well 🙂

  • Ok here is a start to the basic overview of my company.

    I started my business around 7 months ago but have a history in the industry. when LED grow lights really became viable several years ago I tested LEDs for several of the major LED companys on the market. I loved the tech but every light always had those scratch your head features that were just counter productive.
    Then I had a light blow and I took it apart and fixed it and really fell in love.
    Around two years ago I started building my own LEDS and a friend of mine would not stop bugging me to build him one. One thing led to another and everyone wanted my LEDS.
    So beginning of this year me and my wife had a small amount of money saved and we decided to try and open a business. Explosive Growth LED LLC was born. I did everything myself and built up the business.
    I immediately started sending test lights out into the market with amazing results.
    Around two months in the head sales rep for lights at my local hydro store was interested in what I was doing so I built him a small light to test. Since then he has tested it against a bunch of lights including CMH, HPS, MH and of course a number of the top LED brands available today.
    He fell in love with the light. It out produced everything saved on electricity and also is very compacted.
    At this point when he started pushing for lights for the stores and after several meetings with the owner things changed. I want from thinking that I had no chance competing with the big companys with there fancy lights and huge marketing campaigns to realizing that in todays grow light market people wanted results not looks and also needed change. people were sick of the 500% mark ups and stores needed a lower entry level into LED tech.
    I then went to town and started to make adjustments to safety and style and made my designs more retail friendly.
    At this point all of the testers started to come back for more and word of mouth spread and I couldn't keep up.
    Business has been noon stop since.
    Everything was figured out with the stores now and I went ahead and used the companys capital that had been made over the previous months to order just over $10,000 in stock to add to what I already had and found a warehouse to move the business into.
    A couple days after all of this my wife went into labor a little early and my daughter was born and was sick. We were at the hospital for a month in the intensive care unit. I stayed in touch with the retail stores and my customers and every one understood and the business lost nothing besides time.
    We have been home for a few weeks and I have still been limited on what I could do well my daughters situation settles in but have done almost $3000 in sales this week on limited availability and have delivered the first batch of LEDs to the retail stores for there floor models.
    We are back ordered around 6 weeks right now so work is not a issue and customers have been more then happy to wait for my lights 🙂

    I started this business with almost nothing and have done everything myself from sales to production to marketing. I have bought all of the equipment needed and built my stock up with profits from the business and now have a 30x60 warehouse that the shop will be in plus the workshop at my home. The move to the warehouse will be next month. I have already interviewed and have picked out a employee when ready but will wait until it is absolutely necessary before bringing anyone else on full time. For the time being I have someone I can use on a case by case basis when I need help but I prefer to work 7 days a week long days and do the work myself when I can.

    I'm keeping the workshop at my home open even though I got the warehouse because with the kids medical issues if something happens I can work from home and honestly I'm more comfortable there. The warehouse is something that isn't costing me anything at the moment and will be very cheap when I move into it (it is owned by a close friend).

    My business is small but at this point between sales and future prospects plus stock level and the retail stores It is set for amazing growth over the next year.

    My evaluation of 500 burst per share is such. At 500 burst per share 1,000 shares at current market price = around $3260. that $3260 earns the asset 1% of total sales of eack unit sold. average wholesale unit is $300 U.S.D. which equals $3 per unit for the asset. at 100 units a month ( what I can produce myself) that is $300 U.S.D. a month for dividends = around 46,000 burst divided by 1,000 shares = 46 burst per share that's around a 11% monthly roi. This isn't accounting for growth. This is why the buy back and extra shares are there. shares will go up in price significantly over the course of the first year and through the reinvestment plan the asset will grow.

    Being that this is my actual real world business and I'm offering the chance for real money to be made in the future this asset needs to be worth it in order for me to offer it.
    This asset is a long term venture that will pay out significantly more as the business grows.
    I feel that this is more then fair for both sides.
    This isn't a get rich quick scheme but will pay investors greatly who hold onto there investment.

    I will get some solid info and documentation up in the next few hours but there is the basic intro.

  • @explosive

    This evaluation is based on my cheapest wholesale model.. I Have models ranging from $300 to $1200 at this time.

  • Im going to start by posting some photos from my phone. These are just random until i can get back on my laptop in a bit to scan papers.

  • @explosive do you think you'll be releasing shares any time soon? And will the price be as structured in the first post of this thread?

  • 0_1500223115307_20170711_164728.jpg

    Here is me this past week delivering the first batch of my LEDs to the retail store. The other person in the photos is the sales manager for the stores who has been testing my light.

  • @vExact

    Hopefully soon all depends on how fast i can post required info for the asset 🙂
    Maybe releasing shares tonight if all gos well.
    I will post a update here 1 hr before shares are released so people can be ready.

    Shares will be released in the format described in the asset intro on this thread 🙂

  • 0_1500223616532_20170715_185119.jpg

    Here is a photo of one of my GreenThumb 1818 250 leds in action at a customer house. This customer is a medicinal patient and is registered and legal.

    Any photos i post of my lights in real world grows are from legal and registered grows. I do not directly involve myself in any grow or with any customer that cannot prove they are legal. That being said if someone buys a light either online or not directly through me that is out of my hands.

  • 0_1500223921620_20170711_165713(0).jpg

    And another of my lights in action 🙂

  • 0_1500224116768_20170704_0030431.jpg

    This is a custom setup i built to spec for a customer. This pic is a few weeks old plants have been since moved in and are doing amazing 🙂 This customer is a old school grower and a legal caregiver. This is the second full room he has switched from 1000w hps lights to my leds.

  • Here are a couple things the business is going to need over the next few months that i will offer share holders first as promised. All work will be paid in either burst or asset shares haven't decided exactly how i want to do it yet.

    1. A more professional logo
    2. A new website
    3. Help adding products to burst in a variety of ways through the marketplace and other burst stores

    There will be other jobs available but these things will be done first.

  • @explosive I like the idea... Although if I were you, I would change the percentage of your fee to 5% and the buyback to 10% instead of being backwards because you would be increasing ROI for investors and for yourself, if you just burn a percentage of the buyed assets...

    Let's say that you buyback 1000 assets with some weekly money for the buyback and you say you will burn 30% of it, then the other 70% you put back to the market with the intentions of increasing the buyback wallet value and continue to buyback all shares, burning always a percentage like I used 30% on the above...

    So let's imagine you paid a 11% ROI dividend (monthly) and have all the shares on the market wich means 10000 shares... If you do what I said in the above paragraph in the next dividend if the same amount of Burst will be paid for the shareholders, it will be a 11,37% ROI dividend also the buyback wallet will grow little by little 😉

    Also you increase a lot the liquidity of the asset and when all shares are buyed back you own the 10% royalties yourself and don't need to pay anyone for them anymore which is a great exit strategy and I would say fair to shareholders and rare deal to be made these days when comes to business royalties 😉

  • Very nice, can you do us a favor, with one of the photos, can you add your forum name, date, and corp name.

    Kind of like this,
    0_1500225082788_burstcoin mining pool socalguy 2017.png

  • @socalguy

    Yes already planned on doing this with the current block number 🙂 these are just photos from my phone. I need to hook up my camera to my laptop shut down the miner and will take these photos for you guys today 🙂