Wallet Startup Performance

  • I'm running a local wallet on Linux. Every over day it just stops responding to requests. A restart usually fixes the problems. That's annoying but I have the restart automated with a health check.

    Now every other restart it takes hours to initialise the DB (or whatever it's doing):

    2017-07-15 18:41:33 FINE: Loading known peers from the database...
    2017-07-15 18:41:34 FINE: Database connection pool current size: 2
    2017-07-15 18:41:34 INFO: Genesis block already in database
    2017-07-16 01:30:31 INFO: Last block height: 382135
    2017-07-16 01:30:31 FINE: Running 2 final tasks...
    2017-07-16 01:30:31 INFO: Started API server at
    2017-07-16 01:30:31 INFO: Started peer networking server at
    2017-07-16 01:30:31 FINE: Starting 17 background jobs
    2017-07-16 01:30:31 FINE: Starting 2 delayed tasks
    2017-07-16 01:30:31 INFO: Initialization took 24617 seconds

    Any way to tune the performance of the DB initialization? What's taking so long?