Payout address is changed every time my computer restarts.

  • Over the last 2-3 days my computer has been shutting off due to things such as power outages and updates, which I didn't like because as a small miner having my address in the Last X Blocks share on the pool I use is very important. I am using the pool which has a payout address of BURST-9UXJ-H8LW-5Q7X-A7WC2 however when I start my computer back up I'm always hit with the error of "Your payout address is not set to the address of the pool, please update and wait 4 blocks"

    Considering I'm a smaller miner and a few burst every couple of days is all I'm averaging, the 1 burst to change my payout after every restart hurts.

    I believe this is @haitch pool from a spreadsheet I saw, so Idk if it's a pool problem.

    Here's my wallet ID if anyone needs it to see: BURST-39YB-KPCC-LDYL-FABL3

    Thanks everyone.

  • Maybe I just didn't notice it, but I think the Pool's account actually changed. Maybe this had to do with @hiatch 's assets? The wallet is still trying to make me set the payout address to BURST-7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY instead of BURST-9UXJ-H8LW-5Q7X-A7WC2

  • admin

    @CTucker The pool address had to change after the passphrase was compromised. You have your reward assignment correct, so shouldn't be having any mining issues.

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