WIP: New Database Engine Burst Test

  • Hi Guys,

    i thought i would take the time to modify the burst 1.2.8 wallet with a new database engine. so instead of using H2 which is outdated and no longer supported so it uses one thats a lot more up to date. and it still supported with continued development.

    this i have found isnt an easy task. going through checking all the sql statements are valid and the syntax's are the same has been somewhat of a nightmare. but with patient and willpower ive been plowing through.

    so far ive got the jar compiled with the new engine working somewhat.

    heres where i got so far.

    0_1500199972752_f9bf24a2-ae31-4559-b526-22706a19599b-image.png 0_1500200545676_e1480cc1-6e70-4c65-81b2-7110dfc17f2a-image.png the active connections flicking back and forth is the burst wallet re using connections using the new engine and some custom connection pool code. the genesis block has also been successfully written to the db. and the peer list as well.

    below is the interface running connected to peers

    i am also getting peer connections.

    however currently it doesnt seem to want to accept blocks from the peers. its probably a sql statement ive missed that doesnt follow the new engines syntax's. so im going to keep looking

    this was where i got up to at about 4am till i decided it was time to sleep.

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  • @daWallet

    based off information i am given.


    i remember someone might of been iceburst try to contact them about a bug to do with the database to which they said its no longer being developed

    if this isn't the case then great. but it might be an idea to try new database engines anyway with the amount of corruption and issues we are currently having with this db. never going to write innovative code if we don't try new things.

  • Awesome. It's great to see a post about someone working on Burst....

    To all developers - if you're working on something, you may think it's boring to post about, but it also reassures everyone that there is any sort of development going on. And I don't find it boring; it gives people little bits of information about the inner workings of Burst...

  • @Lexicon, for the curious, which db engine are you playing with?

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    @Lexicon I'm with you trying new things out and to have a better performance.

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    @daWallet Ditto - there is odd stuff going on with the 1.2.8 H2 engine. I setup a new wallet, it was downloading from scratch, was on target to create a 4.5GB DB - sync finished and the DB is 14.5GB. WTF ?

  • @haitch i just created a db from scratch using 1.2.8 , it is right now 12376460 (12GB)
    database file was 14 GB just after it had been built, database probably does some cleanup once the wallet stops pounding it with records.

    my other older wallet, also 1.2.8, also up to date, is at 6GB but i'm not sure how that db was created, it could've been created using an older wallet, perhaps data is sent in a slightly different format from 1.2.8 i don't know.

  • Good work @Lexicon and @daWallet , nice to see some info from the 'self proclaimed dev' 😛

  • \o/ /o\ all praise the java lords /o\ \o/