miner-v1.170603_AVX.exe has stopped working. Any ideas why?

  • Hi Guys,

    I finished plotting and when I start the miner I keep getting this error. I tried the following fixes:

    1. Used the other mining sftware included in the burst awallet, non-avx, avx and avx2 - all not working
    2. Try running them all as Administrator - still not working
    3. Changed my pool 3 times - didn't work
    4. I tried to use Plotschecker to see if my plots were corrupted, but plots checker itself has the same error with the miner "Plotschecker has stopped working"
    5. Changed the version of Blago miner and running it from the folder instead of running from daowallet - still not working.

    See attached link below for screenshot of the miner.

    I am getting frustrated after spending so much time trying to plot my hdd, hope you can help me guys.

    alt text

  • @defc0de don't see the link to the screenshot