downloading blockchain.....?

  • I have an account. I downloaded the blockchain. I've plotted 4 TB of HDD. I have 2000 burst in my account. Everytime bring up the account it is now "downloading blockchain" and it NEVER completes the task! Strange since it already fully downloaded and should just need to download from the previous time I opened it.

    Anybody have some ideas on what I need to do?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Burst seems to be hanging up for a lot of people lately. I have moved on to just use the Burst Core client as to not complicated anything up any more than it has to be. I just use my browser to log into my wallet now.

    Follow this guide to have the best chance of having a working wallet.

    After you have it all set up, just use whatever browser you want and go to http://localhost:8125

    Each time I start up Burst, I let it sit and do whatever it has to do for about 10 minutes, then go ahead and log in. This has worked out the best for me so far...

  • Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I did all of this and still have the same issue. For some reason everything is stuck and I get nothing but "Downloading Blockchain".