Burst.Ninja Pool Slow Payouts?

  • Hey anyone using burst.ninja pool noticing slow payouts? I've been trying them for a week. I saw the pool info where it says payouts are Deferred until atleast 500 Burst. I've seen holds on 5000k Burst and above over a week. I've had almost 2000 Burst holding over a week. Every few days might get a little payout. Seems like it's holding everyone.

  • admin

    @CrazyMiner Ninja forked last night, and mined a bunch of phantom blocks. It has a balance of less than 1 Burst, but owes over 3,000 Burst. It won't be paying out until @crowetic tops up the pools or nullifies the blocks,

  • @CrazyMiner I was paid out earlier today. Hit a block and 10 blocks later got coin. I have never had a problem with payouts. 2nd highest coin total on there though so maybe everyone else hasn't been paid?

  • @CryptoNick Most accounts are showing Queued totals, Hopefully crow will sort it soon?


  • @haitch could you explain it a little further? did the pool mine his own chain? did it win every block in this ghost chain then? because no other network capacity mining on that ghost chain? would mean that difficulty in this chain would drop in order to hold the 4 mins per block? how is the main chain determined when each chain has the same length?

    and more practical matters:
    does the pool now mine on the main chain again?
    what shall the miners of the pool do?

    mining burst I have the feeling of stumbling from one trap to another lulz

  • admin

    @eightyOneT Yeah, the pool "mined" block after block on the fake chain. Eventually the pool wallet synced into the network. but the pool still thinks it mined all those blocks, and wants to pay them out.

    So @crowetic needs to give the pool sufficient funds to pay out or delete the blocks,

  • @eightyOneT Getting on a fork happens to all Pools from time to time. ninja has been pretty good lately, what matters is first how quickly the pool owner gets the Pool back on the main chain (it is now on the main chain) and then if they choose to pay for the Phantom Blocks (as haitch often does) or if they are cancelled.