pool.dkict.com | 2% | Any Size | EU ***NEW POOL***

  • Friends of the Burst Community,

    I would like to announce my pool to the Burst community. After reading this post, I would hope that you give me the opportunity to mine with pool.dkict.com. I promise to work hard to run and maintain a great pool for you all.
    My motivation and purpose for creating a new pool is to provide a stable and reliable network for the BURST community.

    Pool Info

    Type: V2 forked from uraymeiviar
    URL: pool.dkict.com port 8124
    Set recipient: BURST-GAE9-GDX2-JWBU-FYYZP
    Fee's: 2%
    Deadline: 30 days
    recommended plotsize: Any
    Payout: 250 Burst or 360 Blocks


    Spectrum Business Class Internet: 200Mbs Down / 15Mbs Up Static IP
    Proxmox hypervisor

    • 4GB's dedicated RAM for the pool;
    • 4 cores @ 3.60ghz dedicated;
    • EU location server, The Netherlands to be exact.
    • Scalable infrastructure

    Please feel free to ask me questions or feature requests.