Ubuntu mining difficulty

  • Hello,

    I just did a search for my issue that I am presently having and I didn't come up with anything. I installed the burst coin wallet and awaited a very long blockchain download (5 days). I have watched lots of videos from people explaining how to mine, & setup plots. A whole bunch of information & buttons are at the bottom of their clients to allow them to plot & mine. In my client I don't have anything like that, its just blank at the bottom. I am at a complete loss here as I thought that would have appeared after I had activated my wallet & finished the blockchain download. Anybody got some helpful advice for me please?


  • I do not know which wallet you are using. The one with all the buttons on the bottom is the AIO Wallet for windows specifically. But I can give you this link


    Which may seem like a dick move but it gives you all the different links to the plotters/miners if you ctrl-f for linux. You will probably need to optimize your plots yourself. I do not think there is one that automatically optimizes for linux.

    I am just a placeholder though... better than nothing/ a bump until somebody with experience mining on linux can get to ya.

  • I mine exclusively on linux
    the linux wallet is a daemon, meaning it accepts API calls etc but it doesn't give you all the functionality of the windows AIO wallet.

    For plotting I always just mounted my drives as Samba shares then plotted to them from my windows PC (because it's the one with the GPU) -- it's very easy to do just mount the samba share as a network drive in windows then use the GPUplotter (heaps of guides on that)

    For mining on linux, I have found that creepminer is defintely the best
    So just do:

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y
    sudo apt-get install git screen build-essential libssl-dev
    #download and install POCO: https://github.com/Creepsky/creepMiner/wiki/Compilation-&-Installation-on-Debian-Linux

    git clone https://github.com/Creepsky/creepMiner

    cd creepMiner
    sudo make install
    edit the config file in bin/config

    then to run just do
    screen ./creepminer