Newbie Questions - Delete Plots / Best Practice

  • Hi All, Im new to Burst coin only just discovered it today but want to get involved. First I want to test it on my 4TB drive but only allocate like 2TB for plotting, then if all goes well I want to move / start plotting on my external drives I have.

    My questions are:

    1. Will I be able to delete plot folder and get space back or do I need to format the drive?

    2. When It comes to mining does the cache speed of the HDD come in to affect? Such as will a external hard drive be up to the challenge compared to a internal drive?

    Thanks in advance

  • @RecoStar Welcome to Burst?!

    1. Yes you can delete and replot as much as you want...
    2. I think cache speed won't affect that much, but i'm no expert in this... External drives will work just fine, if they are USB 3.0 will be perfect xD

  • @gpedro Thanks for your swift reply mate 🙂

    Will get started now then 😃

  • @RecoStar No welcome... Good luck with mining?!

  • Ok I started to plot last night, set it to 1TB and 12 cores. It maxed out my CPU usage and my cores started to get extremely hot (Been a hot few days in the UK, yesterday was roasting! lol) so I CTRL+C then exit the prompt, but the wallet seemed to still think it was running. Closed wallet then re-opened it, so find the wallet must still think its plotting as its maxing out my CPU and my temps are getting really high...

    Any ideas?


  • admin

    @RecoStar Do you use the Win Client?

    In general Win Client or Core Version: The Blockchain gets downloaded and verified the first hours. This also takes 100% CPU for a couple of hours - but only one time. If you plot in parallel I guess the Blockchain verification slows down and will be done after plotting.

  • @daWallet Thanks for the reply. I use the windows client yes, but online mode. Its just my temp I am worried about as started to hit 90 degree's which I have never seen my CPU do, just dont want to run it for hours at 90 degree's as that will damage my CPU.

    I just dont get why its running at 100% when I open up the wallet now without plotting as it didnt do that before, and its set to online.

    I have a decent core: i7-3930k

  • admin

    @RecoStar I guess you are using Win Client 0.3.2. If you use online or local it always starts up the Blockchain Download in the Background. Maybe I'm going to change that in the new version. It could only start the local wallet blockchain download when clicking on "local wallet". I have to think about a solution for "online wallet"-only users.

    Open your Task Manager in Windows go to "Details" and you see the process that takes 100% -> Javaw.exe I hope. Then right click... and change the number of cores [affinity] to 1 or 2 Cores.

    If you are using Win Client 0.3.1 or lower you should update...

  • @daWallet Thanks that has worked, I changed the cores to core 6 only and has dropped usage down to 18-26% and temps are around 60-70 (think heat these passed few days has buggered my CPU a bit, never ran this hot before as averaging around 50-60 idle!).

    So I take it this is downloading the blockchain to roaming yeah? Will doing "-datadir=K:\Coins\Burst\Data" change the dir where chain is stored when created a shortcut to wallet and running shortcut? As probs best to have it on my larger drive than my main drive.

    Again thanks for the support 🙂

  • admin


    In the case you want the Blockchain downloaded to a bigger drive and not C:\ you can deinstall the Win Client and use the portable edition:

  • @daWallet Again thanks. I have uninstalled the old wallet and downloaded and ran the one you said. How do I change the Dir of blockchain or will it download it to the dir that it is currently saved to once I start the download of blocks?

    Also how can I get javaw.exe to always run with one core when I start wallet as each time it starts it using all them.

  • admin

    the Blockchain gets downloaded to /burst_db/ folder in your wallet directory.

    Just don't close the win client so often 😉 Leave it running on one or two cores and after a day you got all the blockchain synced up and your problem is gone forever.

    CPUs automatically slow down not to overheat. 90 degrees should be the limit for a notebook. I guess you are using a notebook.

  • @daWallet Cool thanks.

    No Im using a desktop in which I've never seen it run this hot before lol. I have a very good rig / set up so was surprised to see it run like this 😛

    burst_db is only at 160mb and not increasing. At the moment its still on "online wallet" is that fine or do I need to change that to local? EDIT: It is now increasing: 362MB

    Core 6 is maxing out at 100% as that is allocated to the javaw.exe. That ok yeah?

    Also I have restarted the plotting of 500gb of space (testing first then will up it to 1gb) and have allocated 2 cores to this process.

    Again thanks for your support and hope all goes well for this coin as seems promising 🙂


    Creating plots for nonces 1100000001 to 1102019329 (493 GB) using 7424 MB memory
    and 2 threads - using AVX codepath...
    Setting priority class 'below normal'...
    Allocating memory...
    Checking directory...
    Opening file...
    Checking file size...
    Choosing worker routine...
    1 Percent done. 3884 nonces/minute (avg 3884)...

  • @RecoStar You might need to clean dust out from CPU heatsink or new thermal paste. My workstation runs at 87c-90c under 70% mode. I have a problem with one heatsink so cant run over 70% usage. But when things get dusty then temps go up. If you in Europe today is no day to plot cause its 39c ambient here today.

  • @tross Yeah I did that about 2 month ago, cleaned my entire rig and applied new thermal paste. I clean my rig every now and then, and apply new paste once a year (helps keep CPU healthy). My CPU normally idles at around 40-50c but with this hot weather its at around 50-60c idle at times.

    It seems to have sorted itself out though as still plotting (76%) and average temp of cores is around 60c which Im happy with. At one point when first started plotting it hit 90c so had to allocate it only 2 core and seems to have fixed that.

    I am currently sorting out my Proliant server with the spare HDDs I have which should come to around 4-6B (if can format a broken drive and fix it) then I will spann the drives together and make one big HDD to plot and mine from :). I have 3 Proliants at the mo, but one is being used for my home NAS / Media Server, but going to use 2 for mining Burst.

    Is it best to mine to separate accounts on each server? Or have it aiming at my main account on PC?

    Thanks again for the support.