[Experiment] Mining DVDs

  • Ok, so I was bored and browsing amazon looking for cheap drives when I looked over and saw that I had a stack of 100 4.4Gb DVDs that I paid $5 for from a yard sale. So I thought why not see if I can mine them.

    When I shop for drives I usually am happy to pay $50AUD per TB
    So this is 100 x 4.4Gb = 440Gb for $5
    Bringing my $/Tb to $11.36

    So then the question is: does it work?

    I just copied some plots from a network share to a blank disk in Windows Explorer:

    Then burn to disk:

    Took 4 minutes to burn to disk -- that won't be good for the deadlines.

    Now time to try mining.
    I'm using Blagominer latest with an FX8350 CPU

    Woo! It actually works. No deadlines -- what a surprise but Blago didnt' report the speed cause it happened so quickly

    Check out Jminer:

    Yay only 2s to read through the 4Gb drive.

    Now All I need to do is get a sweet DVD changer like this one:

    And I'll have like 1.6Tb of super cheap mining space 😃

  • You have somthig going here. I applause your ingenuity. However, if you includ the price to the machine it might not worth it. Furthermore don't forget about the time it took for the machine to switch disk. Your PC might be able to read through one DVD under 2s, but how long does it took for that machine to take the DVD -put it in storage -then pick a new DVD and place onthe read head. Afterall, that machine definitely doesn't have 400 read heads for its 400 DVD in it storage.

  • @altcryptomining Nice try but not fast enough. Time is money and cheap and slow won't cut it. Cheap and Fast is what you need.

  • blueray disks support up to 25gb per layer.

    however this method of mining is probably very expensive

  • ok i admit it ive used a dvd or two to mine burst it was interesting when i actually won a block for a pool got sick of the spindle noise however

  • @Lexicon said in [Experiment] Mining DVDs:

    blueray disks support up to 25gb per layer.

    however this method of mining is probably very expensive

    if they REALLY want to explore this, why not just use the archive system from sony which currently has 1.5TB optical discs, drives come with 4 lasers, it just sounds cool to say 4 lasers, I mean does your HDD even come with lasers?!?! not even RGB!


    sure the 1.5TB disc is quite costly, but it is an optical disc... I'm guessing most folks never heard of these systems, mostly because, a HDD is still cheaper, by almost 5x or more in some cases (don't even ask how much the drives cost, although I added link above, check, laugh, then back to reality)....


    looks like they announced a 3.3TB optical disc, never seen it myself, but when I saw the cost of the others at a trade show, just kept walking, for that cost, we'll make several copies and hire someone to check archives every couple years, still cheaper...

  • @Darkbane frickin' laser beams alt text

    more lasers than that shark has... thats baddass