Mining Setbacks

  • Burst seems to be bad luck for me. So there were a few reasons I started mining burst. First I had a 22tb media server that hasn't been used for media since I picked up hbo go/ netflix. But it had seagate drives in it making it unsuitable to re-purpose them for anything more important than a porn collection. 2x8tb 2x3tb.. neither 8tb and 1 3tb didn't live through the plotting process. (Do not let that scare anybody off this isn't HDD intensive they were just older seagate drives) So that's bad.

    Another reason was I used it as an excuse to order a couple of
    (Though I did pick up the refurbished flavor)
    And their 8TB baby brothers.
    Which I ordered on July 5th. I followed the tracking giddy about their arrival first "By end of day" 7/13. Bouncing around, in transit from location to location. It seemed like they were just taking them between two cities near me. Finally it updates to 7/17 "By end of day" still bouncing around, me staring out the window like a dog waiting on their owner. Today... the unthinkable... returning to newegg :( "undeliverable" The shit company that is FedEx says. I forget every so often why I do not shop at newegg. Its not a problem with newegg directly. It is simply they only offer FedEx shipping. The most worthless shipping company in the world.

    My goal of getting my new drives and then filling the rest of my NZXT h440 with 3tb does not seem like itll happen until next month now.

    And finally.. its a game... If the goal is to have the biggest in the room then thats what I want.. But your pool is playin with me. At this moment I have roughly 2.4 TB in my primary computer, 3tb from my mediacenter pc, 700gb from laptop, 3.4TB from office comp. I know they are all workin they are all sending in deadlines though my primary pc. But still my capacity just bounces between 2.1TB and 5.4TB according to the pool stats. I am at a loss for what to do to make it show that mine is infact bigger than whoevers its bigger than. Its really quite depressing.

    Anywho I am just ranting.... Up a bit too late and just saw I was back down to 2.1TB.

  • 2 things:
    What miner are you using? If you're using Urays miner it tends not to send the correct plot size to the pool, so the pool has to guess based on your submissions. I had 26TB and one time I submitted 2 deadlines that solved tghe block very close to each other and the pool said I had like 50 or 60TB.

    Also, if each machine is mining the same account numeric ID to the same pool, then the pool doesn't aggregate the plot sizes it just picks one and displays that.

    Don't trust what the pool says in any case. If you're getting through reading your plots and are getting DLs submitted, then everything is fine.

  • @techhoss when you split the plots up across different computers they only report their specific size back. So when your 2.4TB gets a DL it will show that capacity on the pool page. When your 700GB computer finds a DL it will report that as the capacity and change every new DL. If you combine all of the drives on one computer, you get your Total for any DL. It is all the same capacity anyways though.

  • @techhoss said in Mining Setbacks:

    NZXT h440

    just curious, are you enjoying this case? I was considering it when I wanted to get rid of fan noise and always kept coming back to this case wondering if I should buy it... just decided to keep my current case due to my proprietary PSU/MB but I'm still itching to get a "silent" or I should say "as silent as can be" case... the older I get, the less noise I want in my life, and for those damn kids to get off my lawn already!

  • Sorry for the slow response
    @altcryptomining Blago the one included with the AIO wallet. It generally shows the capacity of my primary machine correctly +/- other machines that pop in. It seems to randomly drop 300gb from reported from my primary machine.

    @CryptoNick My primary machine is the only one that reports to the pool. All others report to my primary machine.

    @Darkbane I am loving the case. Did not buy it for the quiet aspect of the case. I just liked the look of it and it had enough room to do what I wanted to do. Now though I can honestly say I appreciate the silent computer. I think its one of those 'you never go back" things. I have no complaints about it now. When I first got it the wires routed between the mobo plate pressing against the back panel worried me but I quickly got used to that and realized nothing bad was going to happen.