Wanted to say something for long...

  • This forum is truly gorgeous. Whoever programmed the UI for this beauty is a genius. Currently I am a student of design-heavy informatics and I think most co-students would agree with me.
    Also from my experience 95% of all fora on the internet literally give me eye-cancer. I can't even start to talk about those disgusting and vomit-provocing forum looks that didn't get updated in like 20 years.

    I was hated for following statement by many, but honestly even Reddit's layout is absolute eye-cancer to me. I avoid reading anything in Reddit because I would literally need to watch 2 hours of C.D. Friedrich's paintings for every 30 minutes I spend on Reddit just to undo the damage done to my eyes and brain.

    This forum is definitely one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. And of course I count in usability, etc.
    Love how this forum works intuitive to the bones while being such a pleasing thing to the eyes.
    Many thanks to the genius designer!

  • admin

    Nodebb is called the forum software which is nice and beautiful but gave us many headaches over the last 2 years.