2 quick long winded things

  • First: it's sad that it would need to be addressed but when a mining pool gets whacked the person running the pool should probably change the name to "NEW REWARD ASSIGN FOR pool.xxx.xxx:BURST-ID" and maybe google their old one to edit as many of the postings of it as possible. Give noobs a chance here. "Hooray I got a burst I shall now be a productive member of society" and then you put them back to begging because they didn't think to or didn't know how to get the latest info. Lookin at you burst-team.us and burstcoin.biz

    Second is about burst client for win. I understand daWallet is the developer for that. I would suggest being slightly more upfront about what/how it does what it does on the writing plots/start mining. Me personally, I came in already knowing what and how to do both those because I read/watched/researched before hand. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that i would not need to test my knowledge in that regard. But some people jump in and showing the command you are going to run below the write plots window would allow people to get an idea what its doing/ the syntax of it etc etc. I understand that you made a tool to accomplish one goal which was not necessarily education but it may help out in the long run.