5tb plots help

  • Hello,
    I will do 5 tb harddisk plots. I must make the complex one piece. Or is it 1tb 1tb?

  • I don't quite understand what you're saying but maybe you're talking about plotting the 5TB drive ?

    You can plot 1 big chunk, all of the drive or you can plot many small plots, any size.

    1 big plot is better, less seek time.

  • Everything I read says fewest plot files is better. With that though I found with a bit of tinkering having multiple files make next to no difference in read time. I am sure there was a difference but it was within the normal variance on read time of just 1 file.

  • @edirnebilgisayr, both @snoops and @techhoss are correct; you may use one large file or several smaller files. Technically, one file should be faster and more efficient as the heads move less, minimizing seek time.

    I use a few smaller files on 5TB and 8TB drives. Why? It was easier to plot. Sometimes the software would not finish one large file. So my 8TB drives have four 2TB files. Performance is good. I read 120TB in 26 seconds.

    Good luck!

  • I used to plot smaller files also but since using xplotter which optimizes them and can auto resume the plots if it stops for any reason, i only plot single files to fill the drives.