Arbitrary Message From: BURST-4L8L-EDZ8-ZZK3-AM93Q

  • I keep getting lots, I mean LOTS of arbitrary message from BURST-4L8L-EDZ8-ZZK3-AM93Q, and somehow the balance for this address keeps increasing. It when from of ~200,000 to 314,778 burst. And I'm not the only one, what is this? IS it a botnet, is there any way it can hack my wallet?? What should I do? I have about 94,000 Burst in that wallet. @Global-Moderators @haitch

  • And also my pool is hitting blocks like crazy according to the wallet. But is it really finding blocks or is all my wallet servers whacked up? Trying to re-download the BC to one of my wallet servers.

  • Massive attack on the blockchain leaving everything forked in it's path 😕 It's discussed heavily in the discord already as well

  • @Tate-A wallet servers look locked up. last time this happened mate it caused my pool to go negative 50k burst. the pool pays out but gets the blocks won rolled back causing the pool balance to go negative

  • Banned

    best suggestion is to keep your all funds safe on another wallet.