selling midbass drivers for burst

  • Selling high quality midbass drivers.

    payment ony and only in burst, quite unique thing.

    About the drivers:

    sensitivity : [email protected]*1m
    freqvency range : 35-4000Hz
    power (IEC268-5): 80W
    musical power: 110W
    nominal impedance: 8Ω

    voice coil dia: 37mm
    voice coil height: 19mm
    airgap hight: 5mm
    air gap induction: 1,0T
    linear X max: +-7mm
    mechanical limit X max: +-12mm
    inductivity : 815uH @ 920Hz

    Re=5,2 Ω
    B*l=6,664 Tm
    Cms=1,249 mm/N
    Mms=17 g
    Rms=1,559 kg/s

    fs=34,536 Hz
    Vas=47,329 liter

    freqvency measurement available on request, lack of priviledge stops me from posting.

    if you got an eye for things you will notice this dirver is on par with big brand names like fostex 6.5" inchers.

    I can help with crossover design and 2 way speaker build.

    suitable tweeter is :

    vifa dx-25

    the price of the speakers , for one pair is:

    20,000 burst , + shipping.

    not sure about what the cost of shipping would cost if you are interested, but if you are we can check it.

    these units are produced in hungary, and are unique.

    cheaper than eqvivalent vifa or scanspeak drivers, you can compare the specification and see that your self.

    i get them directly from the factory, hence the super low price.

    the units are not used, when a pair os ordered i do my best to get matched pairs.

    Brand new 🙂