19/07/2016 22:24:07 I think I forged my first block! =)

  • To whoever decides to read.

    I've been a part of the community for 23 days now. I'm not mining with much (0.6T) but enjoying what I'm doing, which I believe it is where it counts the most. I think I just forged my first block or if I'm wrong correct me. It felt pretty awesome. I received a payment of 1896.xxxxxxx (though it's not much I don't believe compared to all the avid miners out there) but I'm smiling and happy for it! Just wanted to share my moment with the community!

    Be Happy Stay Humble Be Hopeful~

  • Congrats young one (in burst time), 0.6 ain't much, but you got your first block and im sure its an awesome feeling. Enjoy.

  • admin

    Thanks for your post TIG312.
    That's a good spirit you have here. Burst is for everyone and once in a while everyone wins a block. No special, rare and expensive hardware needed to be part of it - so it is the fairest mining I know of.

    ... and who knows what this Block will be worth in the future.

  • Congrats! Thats a nice amount of burst for 0.6T. Happy mining

  • Congratulations, Yes hitting a block does feel great. What was your deadline? I'm still waiting to hit a block with a 0-Sec deadline. Enjoy it. --IceBurst

  • @IceBurst Thank you! My deadline was 1008865. Wishing you success. I'm pretty sure it will come soon enough. Let me know when you do. I'd like to hear about it as well! 🙂

  • @TIG312 I guess I was miss leading you by my verbiage. I've hit blocks (about 5) , my best deadline was 1 second! I've seen the fabled 0-Second block by other miners but have not personally hit one. It's pretty amazing to submit a completed block before people even submit their first time in.

  • @IceBurst Ooh! haha yes I definitely misunderstood. That is pretty amazing. I hope to be able to upgrade my space one day and travel the forged paths of the enlightened as well! 🙂

  • @daWallet Thanks so much! I am pretty new. Could you explain to me more about what happens with the block for me at this point if anything? Or the facts that it is just my block now. I'm just trying to learn as much about Burst and all aspects of it and to fully understand what happens next would be great!

  • @TIG312 Here is what I think is a good comparison of mining a block directly.

    It's a lot like mining gold, except you are part of a group of people all all on the same sluice box if you are mining on the pool. When you find that gold nugget (your block) the community has a set payout (like gold does per ounce). When you are mining on a pool that payout goes to the pool. the pool then divides up that payment to members based on statistics for the found block and the past 50 blocks.

    So you turned in your gold nugget to the pool, the pool paid you ~1900 burst for your hard work and luck, the pool commits the block back to the total out there as a member of the block chain. Time to find your next block.



  • @IceBurst thanks for the awesome explanation! that helped paint a pretty picture of gold mining back in the day! cheers to you mate! thanks for taking your time to be righteously vivid.

  • admin

    @IceBurst I got a 0 second DL when Ninja was under development - it broke the pool 😉 That issue has been fixed and won't happen again.