Which GPU for Burst mining

  • Hi all,
    currently I am mining with my CPU 4 cores (Intel Quad Core Processor J3455) 35 TB. This takes up to 60 secs. I would like to speed this up with a low budget GPU. Zotac GeForce GT 710 PCIe x1, 1GB cost about 50 € is this enough to speed up the read times? Or which low cost GPU can you recommend?


  • I would recommend a Radeon GPU. I don't know what it is about them, probably their memory transfer speeds, but they are much faster than nvidia cards. I'm not too sure what your budget is either, but check out some of those cards.

  • Ok thanks for the hint. Maybe ASUS Radeon R5 230, R5230-SL-2GD3-L, 2GB DDR3 cost around 40 €. But I have no experience with gpu mining in burstcoin. Is this better as my CPU?

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    @ciscler The optimal card in my opinion is a 7950/7970 or R9-280X

  • But they are inefficient and consume a lot of power. I need a low budget solution.

  • @ciscler
    The GPU will be busy for approx. 10 seconds every 4 minutes.
    The R9-280X idle draw is not too bad.

    You may mine Ether on the side, and quite fast regarding their used price. 8)

  • But is there a smaller GPU which might be as fast as an 8 core I7?

  • @ciscler GPUs and CPUs are structured very differently, and can't be compared by speed like that. GPUs do parallel computing, and CPUs can only compute in parallel with the number of threads they have, 16 in your 8 core i7. You will have to do your own research on this. What exactly is your budget? Power draw and initial cost?

  • @kev626 I would like to spend arround 50-100€ on the GPU and it should have a TDP from max. 50 watt.

  • I was searching for weeks for the optimal GPU and decided to use a RX460 4G. Costs around 100-150€. Power consumotion around 50W under load. Pretty fast to plot, able to read your disks fast and you can mine other coins while you are mining Burst.

  • @FireRooster said in Which GPU for Burst mining:

    RX460 4G

    Thanks @FireRooster I will have a look at it.

  • @ciscler said in Which GPU for Burst mining:

    @FireRooster said in Which GPU for Burst mining:

    RX460 4G

    Thanks @FireRooster I will have a look at it.

    I used a 1050 TI with jminer before switching back to Blagos updated cpu miner, and with that GPU I was able to get 15 seconds reads on each 10TB drive, so you don't need an expensive option like some are suggesting, the $100 and under cards will likely do just fine, I guess my only question would be, how many drives do you have and does anyone have experience with a similar number and a low-end card... my 1050 TI was overkill for four 10TB drives, I'm sure you can go lower from there...

  • @ciscler A GTX 1050 would probably be the best solution for low power draw and low cost, while still being fast enough to scan about a dozen 8 TB drives in 15-20 seconds. The 1050 is also the better value than the 710, with more than 3X as many CUDA cores, not to mention an extra GB of RAM, an upgrade to GDDR5, more memory bandwidth, and a higher clockspeed overall. The 1050 also uses slightly less power than an RX 460.

    I tried a GT 710 on about 80 TB of drives and that took around 45 seconds in an FX-8350 based system. Same system with a GTX 950 is done in 20 seconds.

  • I have an AMD Radeon 7400 I bought on EBay for $38 so that my server video display would look better in my teamviewer session. The integrated server video was VGA and it did not fill up my laptop screen. Just for fun, I tried to mine with the $38 board and found out that it was just as fast as the dual CPUs. I then decided to go back to CPU mining and ran the GPU with nicehash. It makes $0.80-$1.20 a day.