[Relaunch] burstmine.tk 0-100 pool (1% fee) (New: NINJA STYLE) First ninja pool for all miners!

  • Just a few days ago, I have converted the http://burstmine.tk pool to 0-100. I have done this for a number of reasons:

    • This pool is meant for small miners. 0-100 helps to give miners more consistent payouts across the board
    • Share value has been increased to 500 rounds. This is because a 0-100 pool needs as much consistency as possible. (But certainly not 30 days worth...)

    The pool fee is kept to 1%, and payouts are made at 25 burst whenever the pool finds a block and has a balance to make the payout.

    The pool uses a modified version of Lexicon's pool source. This supports smaller miners better by not rounding off share values and balances.

    I have changed software to use Ninja V3.1 for a number of reasons that I will not discuss here. Basically, lexicon used too much server power, the host was bad, I needed to migrate anyway, so I just changed. If you want more details, message me.

    Thanks for mining on this pool everybody! Let's make this relaunch as successful as possible.

    Pool discord: https://discord.gg/pCe5RqH

  • Pool is now using the Ninja style! Same great benefits for small miners, better, more efficient pool software!

    (Please help me to test this out. If you don't see the ninja pool yet, the DNS changes may not have propogated to you.)

  • I still need miners to test this pool out. If a big, 400TB+ miner comes in, I'll pay them the fees I would have gotten from them as well as a bonus. Still doing a bonus on the first block the pool finds of 200 burst, split evenly between all miners in the pool at the time!

  • SSL/TLS is now enabled across the site. If you are paranoid about security, make sure you use it!

  • Pool at almost 200TB! Join now, let's find our first block!

  • We are starting to pick up speed now! Up to 12 active miners! Join now, you will get a much larger reward if we win a block! Also, bonus still applies!

  • Sorry for delayed payouts. Something went wrong with the payout script. Everything should be back to normal, and this shouldn't happen again.

    Thank you!

  • Pool hit a second block this morning, everything running without a hitch! Let's get some more miners in here!

  • Pool hit 11 blocks in the past week! Come join now!

  • Burstmine.tk pool down all day ? Will it be coming back up ?

  • I messaged @kev626 asking the same thing... built a rig this week for this pool so I hope all is well πŸ™‚ ...Kev if you need anything lmk - hopefully I can help.


  • Well I guess it’s gone , sucks because I was getting some decent payouts on that pool despite my small HDD size 😞