[ANN][ICO] Wounded Warrior Coin [WWC]

  • Wounded Warrior Coin [WWC]

    Stake a coin with a great cause!

    Algo: Scrypt
    Ticker: WWC
    Type: Proof-of-Stake [PoS]
    Block Reward: TX
    PoS APR: 10% Per Year
    Total Coins to be Produced: 480,000,000
    Staking Maturity: 8 Hours
    Wallet Starting Address Letter: "W"
    Coin Maturity: 25 Blocks
    Block Time: Approx 1 Minute
    Transaction Confirmation: 25 Blocks
    Pre-Mine: 5%

    Windows Wallet Available on Website

    08/25/2017 - Test Miners Begin Mining
    08/31/2017 - ICO Active
    09/01/2017 - Official Release of Wounded Warrior Coin
    09/20/2017 - Conversion to Proof-of Stake Begins
    11/01/2017 - Listed on CoinsMarket.com
    11/12/2017 - Listed on TradeSatoshi.com
    11/16/2017 - New Block Explorer Running
    11/17/2017 - Released Airdrop Masternode System
    11/24/2017 - Milestone: Block 100,000 Reached
    11/25/2017 - First Donation Sent to WWP - $200
    11/26/2017 - CPU Mining Pool Launched
    11/30/2017 - Earn WWC by watching Videos, Surveys & Downloading Apps [LINK ON WEBSITE]

    Website: http://WoundedWarriorCoin.org

    Block Explorer:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/6MPrUUc

    Mining Pool: http://woundedwarriorcoin.org/miner/

    CoinsMarket: https://coinsmarkets.com/trade-BTC-WWC.htm

    TradeSatoshi: https://tradesatoshi.com/Exchange?market=WWC_BTC

    Our mission is to help fund the Wounded Warrior Project® by donating staking and miner contributed donations. Depending on the current earnings Wounded Warrior Coin [WWC] will cash-in what is earned to an exchange and transfer to USD, from there a donation will be made via paypal on the Wounded Warrior Project® Website.

    Since Wounded Warrior Coin is a decentralized crypto-currency the developers WILL NOT be taking the charitable donation tax break that Wounded Warrior Project® offers for donations.

    There are 3.8 million veterans with a service-connected disability rating in 2014.

    A “service-connected” disability is one that was a result of a disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service.

    The [WWC] network is therefore scheduled to produce 480,000,000 coins to represent the growing number of disabled veterans since the 2014 statistics.

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  • Great cause... BUT you scammed me on my website so makes me wonder about how you will handle these funds

  • @falconCoin anyone could scam that site of yours without knowing what one was doing anyway. This is a noble cause; veterans get a slice so do miners. How long will your new asset hold up this time? your no stranger to contravention yourself.

  • @falconCoin said in [ANN][ICO] Wounded Warrior Coin [WWC]:

    Great cause... BUT you scammed me on my website so makes me wonder about how you will handle these funds

    could you elaborate more about how they scammed you or what they did, because it seems a known scammer who used to selling illegal OEM licenses on this website is now coming to their defense and attacking you, so I think you need to bring to light everything you can about them as quickly as possibly so we can all know what happened...

    I'm skeptical of this because many people who are not registered non-profits "raise" money for causes only to have no accountability or oversight, its no different then many of the wounded warrior fundraisers who keep sometimes half or more of the money they raise on their behalf to fund their operations and pay themselves... there has been a long history of fundraisers keeping large portions of funds raised...

    if anyone WOULD like to contribute to a charity, consider donating direct, not through a third party or person who claims they will donate funds, you can donate your own funds direct without them at all, there are plenty of charities you can reach out to that will gladly accept 100% of your donation, just convert your coins to cash and send the cash, then YOU can take the charitable deduction as well...

    I would caution anyone against new coins that claim to be for charity and use a copyright and trademarked name... unless of course, this organization can show us a copy of the letter from the wounded warrior project authorizing the use of their name for this project. because last I checked, they still required people to register with them to officially use their trademarks and copyrighted material...

    surely any legitimate operation would be able to produce said documentation without saying, well we never thought of that, or we're in the process, or we'll do that now... all big glaring red warning flags going up about this one right now... and posting a link to their website doesn't authorize you to use their materials or claim you are fundraising for them... thats illegal in Canada as well (where the claims to be)...

  • @ZapbuzZ yeah great attitude you ignorant bafoon! trying to help ppl out in the community and you feel its ok to scam ppl doing so


    Give me a minute to try and find the info but this is the type of person we are speaking of

    @tross this info look familiar?


  • @falconCoin thanks for posting that, can't support someone who brags proudly about scamming people out of burstcoin, who knows what they would do with this other coin when they are likely already using trademark/copyrighted material without ever getting permission ahead of time prior to its use with claims they will donate to a charity...

    I think all the red warning signs are up folks, don't ignore them...

  • @Darkbane thge thread starts here about him breaking the terms of service and then asking me to allow him to do it even more


    I could pull up some of his withdrawals at the time he was doing all of this but i think

    and @ZapbuzZ funny how your attitude was different at the time hmmmm


    funny how i even said i hope they do it to your new coin....

  • Before and after. I do believe it wasn't right to take advantage of something but posting it to the forum meant it was exposed for education. Thus @falconCoin you shut it down instead of fixing it anyhow so the kiddies stole your lollies without them being guarded. @Darkbane your continued out of context comments and false accusation of scam are disappointing. I do not offer sales in this forum any longer. Besides, they got their free lunch and proceeded to smear afterwards and also used you as their front as you've done before making you GULLIBLE .. I helped when things were desperate for many miners there was no scam. Now they're winning blocks. And some even got a few for extortion. Will you just p155 off?

  • C-box isnt really good proof of anything. Only I can see the ip from every message sent. Someone could of engineered what Kyle was said to write. FalconCoin you are using BN tactics to twist things and make people guilty. Next time instead of just copying ask me for the ip listed by each message to make it more believable. I remember when this was written and I found this statement completely out of context with what was talked about. What he said was not commented on in anyway. So was nice try to start drama but didnt work.

  • @ZapbuzZ

    this guy got 1000's of Burst from me that he knew he was doing wrong to get...

    hey its ok to steal from someone if they left the door unlocked! WTF is wrong with you? and ppl should trust him with their money?

    and also because you don't break the law anymore and sell illegal software copies means thats ok? he pointed out that you DID! not that you still do

    @tross he was doxed and his father called and VA was threatened... i will have proof of that

  • so here is me twisting things and being like Burst Nation...

    you know what i do not post over there but am welcome to, but one thing they do is call out scammers...

    this guy brought down my website in a DDOS attack to steal money from my site and then ask me to let him to keep doing it... and admitted to it being him running several raspberry Pi's to do it. after i was giving him assistance on how to run his own faucet!

    you guys are so quick to say what Burst nation does but its ok to scam/steal or sell pirated licenses over on this site in your eyes...

    if he will take my site down to steal coins from me and admit it how can he be trusted with funds? i would like SOMEONE to explain to me how they see that he should be trusted?

  • so back to this guys being doxxed....

    The story goes that he wanted to leave Burst and was selling off his HDD"s, he made a deal with Focus...

    Focus then sends the money in Good faith and he never sent the Hardware.

    after some time Focus finally after not getting any response from him contacted the Guy's father about it.

    and then here is the rest from that point on...



    You guys have to stop all of this Burstnation Vs Burst team BS

    It will never end if everyone thinks hey its ok i scammed someone over there or oh i got banned over there for scamming and be welcomed here with open arms

    a Scammer or Thief is just that no matter what... We don't need them here or over there, BOTTOM LINE

    @tross your always bringing up being ddosed but if you had read what i had posted you will see that is what Kyle was basically doing to me, bringing down my site trying to get free coins.... how do you know he isn't doing that to anyone else

    and is that the type of person you feel safe giving you money too? good for you...

    I just hope that mane others see this b4 they get anything similar done to them

  • C-Box is like stealing candy from a baby and i don't sell anything anymore I was loosing interest that I was not getting enough to build a proper burst portfolio and it didn't pay. I didn't scam I was scammed. And I helped people get more nonces than i can. Please, I am tired of the legalities that are business orientated.

  • @falconCoin said in [ANN][ICO] Wounded Warrior Coin [WWC]:


    this guy got 1000's of Burst from me that he knew he was doing wrong to get...

    hey its ok to steal from someone if they left the door unlocked! WTF is wrong with you? and ppl should trust him with their money?

    and also because you don't break the law anymore and sell illegal software copies means thats ok? he pointed out that you DID! not that you still do

    @tross he was doxed and his father called and VA was threatened... i will have proof of that

    yeah "I'm sorry you caught me stealing, but now you can't punish me because I said I was sorry"... thats the logic he's trying to use after I point out he was selling illegal OEM copies of software, his response, I don't sell them anymore so I'm not a scammer... its just insane, he literally doesn't get he IS a scammer for selling illegal copies, he made up and kept changing his excuses for each excuse I tackled and showed how that doesn't make it legal suddenly... he literally doesn't want to believe he was a criminal stealing something, "because they made it so easy to steal"...


  • And the record keeps skipping on the player play it again sam! (or is it trump now?)

  • @ZapbuzZ your a goof plain and frickin simple....

    your opinion as someone who sells stolen property means nothing to me or i am sure many here...

    the rats come to the defense of other Rats....

  • Hey I am just defending a coin that sounds like a good deal for miners and veterans . I just posted my opinion and what I know. Hope you have better luck on calling VA but doubt they will listen for they have better things to do. Everything on this thread can be fabricated and besides if something was stolen go to local police and start the process of getting it back. Endless Bla Bla is drama and have also been caught sounding like a broken record. But I learned so there is hope for all of us!

  • i got 2 critics ones a proper grump smearing for professional extortionists the others behaving like a show pony i agree with @tross however. @falconCoin i hope that theft statement wasn't about me that's not true and you got a down vote so has @Darkbane for unnecessarily pulling this thread into a gutter. Your only going to make yourselves unpopular.

  • your defending a scammer and another scammer is defending him...

    im a veteran and a miner and im not defending a scammer...

    @tross your the cry a$$ always crying how your being ddosed, and this guy admitted to bring my site down to steal coins... BUT hey that is OK

    and yep everything is fabricated.... tracking #'s you name it

    and yes that theft was about you... selling illegal software is stealing from the owners of that software

    yes down vote the honest ppl for calling you out